Double Kingpin Trucks

7 10 2009
Sector Nine Longboard with double kingpin trucks...

Sector Nine Longboard with double kingpin trucks...

I don’t post a lot about longboards – mostly because I don’t really know much about them.  Sure I have a couple and I like riding them, but I’m like the guy who rides a bike to work and doesn’t “get” how derailleurs work.  I’m cool with that level of ignorance. It doesn’t affect my enjoyment and I’m not relying on my skateboard to carrying me anywhere remote.  When it’s time to buy new gear I just talk to my friend Kurt who knows a lot more about the subject and then I forget about it.

Well this summer Kurt turned me on to something new in the longboard world – double kingpin trucks.  You can only get them on Sector Nine loangboards for the time being.

Here is the marketing spew from Sector Nine:

“The patented design of the Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks have been turning heads since they were first introduced. What makes these trucks so special is that they have two pivot points which allows the trucks to turn twice as sharp and fast as a standard truck. This double action pivot allows the rider to generate speed using their own turning momentum. The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks are a sidewalk surfers dream. Ask anyone that has ridden them and the truth will be told.

***Please be aware that hese trucks must be set up on an appropriately shaped deck with proper clearance in order to function properly and avoid wheel bite***”

Double Kingpin Trucks

Double Kingpin Trucks

I sold a longboard this summer and bought a new Sector Nine Sand Wedge with these new trucks on it.  Since you’ve got two pivot points you lean over and the board will turn just like any other longboard, but if you keep leaning harder the second pivot engages and you can turn uber hard.  That gives you the smooth ride of a longer board with the maneuverability of a shorter deck.

I’ve been having a blast on it and love how tight I can turn it.  My other longboard has just been gathering dust since I got the Sand Wedge.  If you are a longboarder this is something I’d definitely check out.

Kurt carving his Sector Nine Off the Wall

Kurt carving his Sector Nine Off the Wall

….here is some longboard porn showing these trucks in action:

and for those of you wondering how to pump a longboard click here.



3 responses

7 10 2009

How DO derailleurs work?
I always thought it was magic.

26 03 2010

when did you start selling the sidewinder trucks?

26 03 2010

I don’t sell any trucks of any kind.

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