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1 10 2009
Switch Step-in Snowboard Bindings

Switch Step-in Snowboard Bindings

Update: So I’ve had no luck finding a Switch compatible boot in my size and given up.  Deanna destroyed her Switch compatible boots as well.  So I now have two sets of used Switch bindings I don’t need.  Both are in excellent shape.  If you want a set of these bindings send me $20USD for postage and I’ll fire them off to you. Somebody might as well use them.  Each set comes complete with bindings [incl hardware], cleat for boot and shortie leash. – Bindings are spoken for and going to a good home in the far north.

I realize this is supposed to be a bike blog, but I need some help and however unlikely there is the chance that one of you will have a solution to my dilemma.  The problem is I love these Switch step-in snowboard bindings, but the boots I have are a bit too small.  The bindings are no longer made so boot companies stopped making compatible boots…=-(  I need a pair of new or used size 11.5 or 12 US men’s Switch compatible boots.  If in your travels you come across such a beast keep me in mind.

I’ve tried soft boots and 2 strap bindings.  They work fine, but I don’t love them.  I also have a set of hard boots and plate bindings which is what I think I’ll use on my hardpack board.  I’ll move the soft boots and bindings to a powder board for now until that glorious day when I find some Switch compatible boots that fit…=-)

BTW – I’ve checked EBay and there is nothing in my size…=-(



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19 03 2009

I love my Switch bindings and Vans boots. Too bad for you (but good for me) is that my feet are a size too small for you. My Switches are blood red, like my Turner 5.Spot.

22 03 2009

I think blogs are much more interesting when you integrate what you do. You have nice mix and balance. I enjoy coming over and do so on a daily basis. Thanks Vik! –jim

24 03 2009

Tried my Switch boots out yesterday and they work, but they are too small so I think I’ll have to sort out something else for sure. It was worth a try.

BTW – thanks Jim.

3 04 2009
Another vicious powder struggle…. « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] started coming apart so we fixed them with duct tape.  I guess I’m not the only person that has to say adios to their Switch bindings!..=-(  Red Green would be […]

13 04 2009
Ronny Pempeit

Hey it just so happens I’m looking for the same boot in a 12 if you get more responses than you need please send one my way. I have a 12 flyaway boa x type boot and I love them and would not want anything else. I would appriate any help. Thanks and good luck to you. Ronny P…

14 04 2009

Sure Ronny…so far I have found nothing, but if I do I will let you know.

1 10 2009

Hey Lazy, did you ever find a pair of switch compatible boots? I’m looking also for size 11.5 or 12. No luck. Since I’m looking because of a broken boot and not a size issue, I was thinking of just getting any size and using them for parts.

1 10 2009

Nope never got the problem solved. What spare parts are you looking for?

3 10 2009
sean caffrey

I think I may have some old boots in a size 13. I used to have those bindings but now live in Georgia and don’t really use them. I’ll have to call my parents house and see if they’re still around somewhere. They’re a little old but as I remember they were vans boots probably from about 98 or earlier. They were nice at the time and are no use to me now.

20 10 2009

SEAN CAFFREY… if no one else is interested in those size 13’s I sure would like them. I have a pair of k2 clickers with sz 13 boots but they are a bit too small… I’ve been searching for a pair of those old burton/switch boots.. lemme know.

25 10 2009

I can’t beleive how many people are in the same boat with this size. I rocked my Vans 12s for 5 seasons and now their broke. So put me on the list for extras!

Step-in Riders of the World Untie!

17 11 2009
Aaron Zimmer

Are your bindings still available? I need a pair for my daughter’s board. Let me know — thanks!

18 11 2009

Aaron – mine are spoken for. My friend has a second set she would likely part with. I’m not home and won’t be until late Jan. If you can wait that long to deal with this send me your addy and I’ll see what I can do. Also send me a reminder in late Jan so I get on it when I’m back home.

7 06 2010
eric doucet

id liike those size 13 boot i use burton mission dark stepin id like to start a stepin colection will be colectors item sume day lol but seriusly i had major leg injusry and step in seem to not bother my ankle so much and the reponse to my board is tranferd much better for sume reason i like to try to get as myuch step in gear as i can befor it all disapers off the face of the earth oh plz make step in again

7 06 2010

The boots are long gone….sorry!

5 01 2011
Tahoe Martin


(I apologize if this is inappropriate, and I won’t be offended if this is deleted.)

I’m a bike nut and a SWITCH binding enthusiast. (I live in the Carson Valley in Nevada – partially because it’s cycling Nirvana!)

Shameless commercial plug, here: I live near Tahoe, so I’ve been able to find a few SWITCH Team-N bindings and compatible boots here and there. This is mostly new, old stock, but many of the boots are slightly used. I sell them on eBay; try searching “switch” under men’s snowboarding boots or snowboarding bindings.

I’m not making a bunch of money on this – I sell for about 30-50% below the original retail prices – but I am having fun staying in touch with other SWITCH enthusiasts.

WARNING prices are WAY up this year. I’ve sold 6 pairs of Switch-compatible boots in the last 30 days on ebay. These were sizes 10.5 and 11.0. The AVERAGE price was US$184.33.

Best wishes for the new year,

24 01 2015
Tim Stew

I just bought a whole set, Liquid Snowboard, Switch step in bindings and Switch Van boots Size 11. $80. Awesome! love the ease of use and quick release. If you still have those bindings, shoot me a email.would be interested for second board.

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