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29 09 2009
Photo: Mauricio Babilonia on Flickr

Photo: Mauricio Babilonia on Flickr

Although not the first custom longtail fatbike [check out the Chupacabra] this bad boy from Banjo Cycles is the most refined.  I don’t have much in the way of details yet, but thought I’d share these photos for the fat tire freaks out there.



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29 09 2009

Yeah, when I first saw those pictures I thought “this really makes Chupacbra look like a hack job”. My list of possible fat bike frames just grew…

29 09 2009

You gotta give the Chup credit for being a pioneer. It’s always easier to improve when you are following in someone else’s footsteps rather than starting from zero.

29 09 2009

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Le Chup wasn’t (isn’t still) an awesome feat of machinery / engineering (one that, sans the complexity, I’ve lusted after many a time – and still do). There are VERY valid reasons why for certain applications Le Chup still eat’s BDP’s lunch. It’s just that BDP looks factory designed / clean.

22 10 2009
Michael Meiser

Yeah, I’ve been dreaming of the “pickuptruck of bikes” for a long long time.

Thing is, like a real pickup you’d have to make sure the back was well loaded otherwise you’d never get any traction.

There was a sweet custom bike at NAHBS a couple years back that perfected the pickup truck idea. I forget who made it, but it just looked like it belong in an orchard hauling apples.

P.S. great to see jdmitch posting here. I think his was one of the earliest posts I saw with an actual fat tire long tail.

The “riding the spine” guys used one on their alaska to tip of south america tour as well.

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