Quiet Disc Brakes

28 09 2009
Photo: Velonews.com

Photo: Velonews.com

From Leonard Zinn’s colum on Velonews.com:

“Swiss trains are always on time, and their brakes don’t squeal when they come into the station, thanks to a special spray technicians apply to their brake pads that smoothes the friction surface with sliding platelets of molybdenum and graphite. Swisstop is sending the stuff over to the USA in large containers and having it canned in Georgia in aerosol cans so you, too, can quiet your bike’s disc brakes.”

If it really works this new spray for disc brakes made by Swiss Stop could be a big hit.  I hate brake squeal and on some bikes nothing I’ve tried got rid of it [and yes I tried every trick in the book!] so I’d be happy to have a can of this in my bike tool box.



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28 09 2009

Yikes! molybdeum is a lubricant – surely lubricating the pad surface will reduce the squeal by reducing the efficacy of the brakes.

It is isn’t April 1st is it?

28 09 2009

Hey I love your blog (except your love for bents) I’ve recently started my own blog that revolves around reviews of bike and other outdoor and fitness stuff. I would love to here some words of wisdom from a fellow blogger. Keep up the good work.

29 09 2009

One can only assume that a company that specializes in high end brake products would have caught such an obvious problem during the design and testing stage. I’m pretty sure you won’t find your brakes suddenly worthless.

29 09 2009

I am totally bemused. Have watched the video on here


and am sure it must work, but still can’t believe that lubricating a braking surface will not impact on efficacy. One possibility is that disc brakes give more than enough braking power, so a marginal reduction is of no consequence

29 09 2009

You can’t really take one ingredient and assume it has the same properties in this application as it has in another.

Wax on the base of a snowboard [or a concrete garage floor after you’ve waxed your snowboard] makes for a very slippery result. Wax on a surfboard is used to generate a traction surface so you don’t slip off….two completely opposite uses.

29 09 2009

It could well be that it has lubricating purposes, allthough not in extent as when we are thinking about oil, etc. Years ago asbestos was used in brakepads for cars. Allthough not very good for your health it did ‘lubricate’ the pads a bit, so that they did not squeal. When, understandebly, they banned asbestos from use, a lot of problems arose with squealing brakes. I do not know what kind of ingredients are in this product, but it sure does seem to work…

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