My new truck…

24 09 2009
My new F-150

My new F-150

My new Ford F-150 showed up weeks early with no warning.  I suspect they had one on the production line already that was similar to what I wanted and just made it mine. That’s cool, but due to the early arrival I didn’t have the money or insurance ready to rock when I got the call.  I couldn’t resist taking it out for a test drive though.  Compared to my current truck it’s a Cadillac.

I need to get a few things done to it next week:

  • brush guard up front
  • running boards
  • commercial cap with built in heavy duty roof rack
  • spray in bed liner

…after that she’ll be ready to roll!

The new truck is huge!

The new truck is huge!



6 responses

24 09 2009

Very cool. Always fun to get delivery of new goodies.

So, how many miles (ok, kilometers) do you expect to put on it each year? I’m guessing it’ll mainly see use for road trips, and not much driving ‘around town’?

Nice color choice too!

24 09 2009

looks like it will match the pugs nicely!
been thinking about a new family vacation machine after my wife graduates.

24 09 2009

Love that truck. I think once I wear out my car I’ll go back to a truck. Unless I somehow manage to go carless by then.

24 09 2009

I’m not sure what the mileage will be. As you guessed I don’t drive around town much.

24 09 2009

It’s HUGE!!!!

26 09 2009

Maybe you should keep the Tikit folded in the front cab for when you want to ride to the back of that monster 🙂

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