Titec H-Bar Update

12 09 2009
Titec H-Bar on my Surly Pugsley

Titec H-Bar on my Surly Pugsley

I’ve got 3 Titec H-bars in play at the moment.  My Thorn Nomad S&S, Surly Pugsley and Surly Big Dummy all sport H-bars.  My initial setup on the Big Dummy was with just some rubber grips and the rest of the bar bare.  This worked fine for shorter rides in town, but proved uncomfortable on longer rides – particularly long cold rough rides that beat up my hands.  So I replaced the rubber MTB grips with Ergon Grips [shown above on my Pugsley] and wrapped the rest of the bar with a double layer of cork tape.  I liked this so much when I got my Pugsley I did it up the same way.  The only downside to this setup is that the brake levers are a bit far from the Ergon Grips when riding technical terrain.  My Big Dummy doesn’t see this sort of action so I’ll leave it alone.  My Pugsley does see some technical riding [although not a ton] so I think my long term solution will be to replace the current levers with some that have adjustable reach and maybe lever arms that are a bit longer.  It hasn’t bothered me enough to do anything about it yet, but occasionally I want my hands at the ends of the bars for more leverage and my hand firmly on the brakes at the same time.  I do have some SLX hydraulic brakes that are looking for a home so maybe these will find their way onto my Pugsley.

Titec H-Bar on my Thorn Nomad S&S

Titec H-Bar on my Thorn Nomad S&S

When I built up my Thorn Nomad S&S touring bike I wanted to try a different Titec H-bar setup.  Reading Jeff Jones’ comments, the designer of the H-bar, he recommends you have a seamless transition from the grips to the rest of the bar.  The idea being your hands can move around as you ride finding the optimal position for any given moment.  That made sense and Jeff Jones is clearly a switched on guy when it comes to bikes so I decided to give it a shot by wrapping the whole bar in a double layer of cork tape. I’ve had my bar setup as shown in the photo above since the spring.  I have to agree that there is something to be said for not having a specific “grip” position and I have enjoyed moving my hands around the whole H-bar as I ride.  Having said that I don’t find the H-bar without Ergon Grips as comfortable as with them. I’ve been using my Nomad for shorter around the town rides since there are no big tours on my agenda at the moment.  For this use the double wrapped tape is excellent, but after about 2hrs of riding I start to wish I had my hands on some big flat Egron Grips.  This is another one of those projects I’ll eventually get around to and I’ll swap in some Ergons…no major rush though.



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14 09 2009
Rohloff Shifter on Thorn Accessory Bar Update « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] As I mentioned in my previous post I like the Titec H-bar a lot.  I have one on my Surly Big Dummy with a Rohloff shifter mounted next to a cut down Ergon Grip on the right side of the bar.  This works well, but I thought I would try something a bit different when mounting the Rohloff shifter on my Thorn Nomad S&S touring bike.  Thorn sells a small Accessory Bar that can be used to mount Rohloff shifters and/or other components that you don’t want on your main set of bars.  In fact on my Nomad I have two Accessory Bars mounted one above the other.  The lower one holds my Ortlieb handle bar bag and the upper one holds my Rohloff shifter.  By angling the Accessory Bar back and to the left the Rohloff shifter is relatively easy to get your hand to.  The result is a very clean Titec H-bar with loads of room for a variety of hand positions. Top View […]

22 09 2009

hi Vik, are you using the Avid Speed Dial 7 levers on your pug? i was looking at something much more pricey, like the longer love levers or xt, but a lot of people have good things to say about the Avids. they seem like a great value.

22 09 2009

Hmmmm…..I’ll have to check they are some old levers from 2001 and I don’t think they are adjustable at all.

I have Speed Dial 7’s on my Thorn Nomad which sports an H-bar…that works pretty well

22 02 2010
Thorn Nomad Mk1 Cockpit Mods « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] details here.  It’s taken me a while, but I’ve gotten around to moving the shifter to my Titec H-bars.  Since the Titec H-bar is a little short on space I’ve had to cut down the right Ergon Grip […]

26 05 2010

Just had a referred link from this page: so I’m saying “Hi!” from Australia.
Only been a Big Dummy rider for a few months.
Like your page and you’re on my list of favourites.

12 10 2010
charles treat

Howdy Vik –

Were you/did you switch back to ergons on the titec bar? If so – did/were you going to wrap over them to smooth the transition or just wrap to them?

Also – bumped into a guy here in DC who was travelling around the us (surly lht!) and noticed his strange perforated handlebar tape. Turns out he was using babolat – tennis wrap.

Said it was cheaper than bike tape – and they have synthetics that last better than leather but look like it too. Going to be giving this a try as I move to the titec.

12 10 2010

@Charles – I am back to ergon grips on all my Titec H-bars…they are just so much more comfy than anything else I’ve tried.

Thanks for the tip about tennis wrap. I may try that some time and see what I think.

6 11 2010

Very cool and informative website…the type of website that I would build if I was as talented and not so lazy!

With your experience with Crank Forwards I was curious if you ever used the H-bars on your Street or if you have an opinion on how they would work? I am going to be building up two Alterra MTBs over the winter and am in the process right now of trying to figure out which components to go with. I will most definitely be going with Rohloffs as I have them on my trike and an Easy Racer and love them. I plan to use the Ergo grips like you mentioned above and have found a Rohloff set available from SJS Cycles that has a shorter right grip. Thanks for any enlightenment.


6 11 2010

@Larry – no I did not try H-bars on my Street. I suspect the rear portion will work well…not sure how the CF position will translate into use of the front bar ends??? If you try let me know how it works for you.

Just as an FYI:

– the amount bar below the cross portion of the H is not big so I think even with the short Rohloff specific Ergon grip you will have to shorten the right grip a bit. This didn’t bother me, but some folks found that was not comfortable.
– due to the distance between the lower grip and where you can mount your brake levers on the H-bar I didn’t like it for technical riding as it was hard to use the brakes and have my hand son the widest portion of the grips where I had most control. Depending what sort of riding you plan to do with your CFs this may or may not be an issue.
– Jeff Jones now sells a Loop H-Bar [Link below] which may give more room on the lower portion of the bar to mount the shifter and Ergon…or maybe you could squeeze the brake lever in on the lower portion of the bar?? I haven’t tried it, but it looks promising.


6 11 2010

Thanks for the great info…I’ll take a look at the Jones bars to see what they have to offer.

My riding style is primarily commuting, Rails-to-Trails and charity rides. I am getting the Alterra MTB instead of the Road so that I can run wider tires and fenders…I guess you could call it an Alterra 700X.

Regarding your point about CF position and use of the front bar ends…not real certain how benefical this will be but with the Alterras having a more upright riding position maybe they will be useful. I’ll report back on this if I end up going this route.

Thanks again for the info and the great site.

18 11 2010
Jeff Jones Loop H-Bars « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] I love my Titec H-bars.  I own three. Right now my Surly Big Dummy and Surly Pugsley are rocking H-bars.  I’m considering swapping in my 3rd H-bar [freed up when I sold my Thorn Nomad] to my Surly 1×1.  The one issue with H-bars is that they have a limited amount of space below the crossbar of the “H” to mount a shifter and grip.  This means you end up with your brake lever above the crossbar and some compromises to your control setup. Grip portion of Loop H-bar is nice and long… […]

25 01 2012

I’m running three sets of H-bars myself. I use Shimano Dual Control levers on two of them (my geared bikes) and Hopes on my Singlespeed.

Yeah, H-Bars are the shiz. I hope they don’t discontinue them. I’m hoping they become popular enough to justify a carbon version with better vibration damping and 150g lighter.

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