Surly Eurobike 2009 Tidbits

10 09 2009
Photo:TFJ77738 on Flickr

Photo:TFJ77 on Flickr

Looks like the Pugsley is coming out in a new colour.  I kind of like it, but I’m happier with my gray Pugsley.  Both are much nicer than the original purple colour.

Photo: TFJ77 on Flickr

Photo: TFJ77 on Flickr

Looks like the LHT has a new colour in the works.  I don’t mind the bright blue as long as there is a more subdued option available.  If Surly stays true to past practices they’ll keep the newest LHT colour [Truckaccino] and replace the current green with this blue.  Also note it appears that the larger LHTs are going to be available with 26″ wheels.  That will make some people happy.  I hope they keep the 700c option alive for folks who prefer it.

The red Karate Monkey shown above has gears.  This may replace the single speed KM complete or be a new complete bike option from Surly.

Of course all of this is conjecture from some photos so don’t get too attached to any of this until it gets confirmed by Surly.  If you’d like to check out all the Eurobike 2009 photo click here.



5 responses

14 09 2009

I keep wishing for a Travelers Check with disc brake mounts. Any hint of something like that coming down the line?

14 09 2009

I think that’s unlikely to happen. However you can get S&S couplers installed on almost any steel frame so if you find a suitable frame with discs you can get the S&S bit added.

27 09 2009

Those racks in the picture look huge. It got me wondering if they had new, Pug racks. I didn’t see any, but I did notice they aren’t calling their racks “Nice Racks” any longer. Now they’re just “Surly Racks”.

Can’t a cycle company have fun with it’s own naming these days? 😉

27 09 2009

Surly “Nice” Racks are heavy as hell and not a particularly great design. I really like Old Man Mountain racks and Tubus also makes a good product.

27 09 2009

I have an OMM Red Rock rear on my LHT. I also have a Cold Springs front that I haven’t mounted yet. I might should have gotten the lowrider. I’m undecided on whether I even need a front rack at this point. I figured for what they are asking for the Surly racks, I might as well go ahead and get a cheaper one with more proven reliability so I went with the OMM.

I just thought they (Surly) might have made a rack specifically for the Pug.

Hmm… just tried the OMM site and it appears to be down. I hope they are still alive and kicking.

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