New Surly Pugsley

10 09 2009
Photo: Peter E

Photo: Peter E

Besides the new colour the Surly Pugsley will be sporting a lowered top tube for more crotch clearance.  This will be particularly handy in the smaller sizes.  Apparently the rest of the bike remains unchanged.



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29 09 2009

Dang, Vik. I’m diggin’ this new color and dropped TT on the ’10 Pugs. Sittin’ here asking myself, If I sold the Heckler and the 1×1, could a geared Pug serve as my sole mountain bike? I’m trying to simplify, and would love to make that leap…

…but I look at the Pug and think, That CAN’T be nimble…

Thoughts, Sensei?

29 09 2009

Well let’s put it this way you can ride any trail you’d ride on the Heckler on your Pug no problem and you’d be able to ride lots of places the Heckler couldn’t go…BUT, it would be different…the Pug is like a tank and rolls over anything, but you can’t drop rough trails like a Heckler…you can drop ’em, but slower.

The Pug is plenty nimble it’s just gotta accept that 4″ of travel can eat up bumps better than a rigid fat tire bike.

What I’d say is if you ride alone or with someone a lot weaker [strength/skills] the Pug can be your only MTB for sure. If you ride with other folks of similar ability on FS bikes you’ll be left behind instantly and you’ll want to ride places they can’t go. It wouldn’t work.

If I had to give up all but one of my Surly bikes I’d say goodbye to my LHT & Big Dummy without hesitation…you’d have to pry my Pug out of my cold dead hands!

If I could only keep one bike between my Pug and my Santa Cruz Nomad – I’d keep the Pug without hesitation.

If I were you I’d ditch the 1X1 and get a Pug…keep the Heckler.

29 09 2009

I was hoping you wouldn’t say that. Any of that. 😉

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