CGOAB is Riding a Fargo!

4 09 2009
Photo: Neil Gunton

Photo: Neil Gunton

Neil G of Crazy Guy on a Bike fame just got himself a new Salsa Fargo.  This thread on his site discusses his purchasing process as well as how he is setting up the bike.  From the photo above it’s clear he has a very purposeful build going on.  Congrats on the new ride Neil!



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4 09 2009

hhmmmm…….is this the next ride that shall take up residence in your stable???? It is an incredible bike though. Man. I want one bad!

4 09 2009

Funny, I came across an old thread on MTBR just last night talking about how the author would still take an LHT over the Fargo for his “adventure bike”. I think you even posted in that thread.

I’ve kinda caught a 650b bug of late and am looking at crazy ideas. I have a 26″ wheeled LHT and am thinking of trying some 650b wheels on it for giggles. I haven’t put any on it yet, but holding them up next to it, it appears they should fit. I have a set of 650×2.0″ Pacenti Quasi-Motos I might try on there (no fender clearance). I’d need some long reach brakes to make it happen though, and I think I’m limited to the Paul Moto BMX for those (at 125 USD each). It could be a while before I get around to trying it.

10 09 2009

No the Fargo doesn’t really interest me and my Pugsley with a 29er wheelset would be a better bike for me – especially since I already have it.

Not to mention I’m not buying any more bikes!

10 09 2009

I did manage to put the 650b wheels on my LHT. They fit perfectly and the stock Tektro Oryx brakes actually reach the larger rims. The Quasi-Motos fit but with no fender clearance like I suspected. A set of 650×44 Schwalbe cruiser tires I had also fit and had plenty of fender clearance.

11 09 2009

Cool Todd – if you want to send me a short write up with some photos I’d be happy to post on the blog. Others may find it useful or inspire them to try it out.

11 09 2009

Cool. I do plan on taking some photos but nothing major. I’m actually putting those particular wheels on another bike I’m building up, but I like the look of the 650b LHT so much I’m going to have to order some more 650b wheels 😦

I’ll probably slap the current wheels on, adjust the brakes to prove it can be done, then take some photos of the bike from a distance and close-ups of the fork crown and seatstay areas to show the clearance. Maybe down the road when I get another set of wheels I’ll do a full buildup and story.

4 10 2009

I have a Fargo with schalbe big apples (29x60mm). I use it mostly for commuting now. But I am thinking of revising it for randonneuring for next spring. What do you think of a Fargo with 32-36mm tires and fenders off set to follow the smaller tires. I was looking at brazing up a custom front rack with decaluer. I am sure I mis-spelt that. Any one have any photos of a fargo set up with mid size tires? BTW love this blog/site!

1 11 2010

Hi!My name is Riccardo i write you from Italy!
You have got a wonderful bike!it’s very nice!
I want ask you one thing: where you buy rearview mirror?
I’ve an old bike with a same handlebar that i use in the traffic and it’s just for me!
I hope in your answer!
Greetings from Venezia!
King regards

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