The Red Rocket & Playa Pugsley

16 08 2009
Sharon's Burning Man Ride

Sharon's Burning Man Ride

It took me a lot of running around to finish off Sharon’s Burning Man bike, but it’s finally completed.  Jeremy gave me the SS cruiser and I added:

  • padded saddle from CDN Tire
  • cruiser bars and wire basket from LBS
  • used stem from a local bike coop
  • Sharon found a bell in her bike parts bin

All told we have $85 in the bike and it should last a couple years of festival going – not a bad deal.  Sharon has a whole bunch of lights and other decorations for this bike, but they won’t go on until we are actually on the playa in a couple weeks.

OMG my Pugsley has never been so clean!

OMG my Pugsley has never been so clean!

I actually washed my Pugsley yesterday….*gasp*!  It has never been washed and I was amazed how clean it looked with just a little TLC…=-)  I’m going to decorate it with fun fur and lights for the burn so I figured I should get the mud and dirt off it first.  I’ll also be using my Epic Designs frame bag as well as Ortlieb panniers to haul stuff on the playa.  I’m not sure, but I may be the first Epic Designs equipped cyclist to rock Burning Man…!



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19 08 2009
Joel Solomon

That Pugsley is awesome. What kind of pedals are those? I am very close to buying a Salsa Fargo and am thinking about BMX style pedals and 5 10 bike shoes like yours for winter riding.



19 08 2009

Consider a Pugsley as well as the Fargo. It’s a 29er and can be built with 29er MTB wheels instead of 4″ tires/wheels. You could duplicate a Fargo, but then also be able to mount the uber fat Pugsley tires if you wanted. Best of both worlds really.

Those pedals are NRG Slabalanche pedals, but you can get something similar from Kona called Wah Wah pedals.

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