Amy’s on a roll this Friday!

26 06 2009
Amy aboard her new red rocket Bike Friday!

Amy aboard her new red rocket Bike Friday!

Amy lives nearly 2hrs from me so we’ve been trying to figure out a good time to connect so she could grab her bike.

Amy's Pocket Sport is nicely setup for commuting and touring...

Amy's Pocket Sport is nicely setup for commuting and touring...

It was raining on and off, but we managed to find some dry-ish time to get the fit dialed in and go over the basic controls.  This is Amy’s first bike since she was a kid so we talked about how to shift and brake as well some fit items [seat and stem height] she may want to play with as she gets use to riding her Bike Friday.

Rolling through the woods...

Rolling through the woods...

We were able to go for a short ride to get some practice with gear shifting and braking.  I adjusted her seat height again.  Since Amy is virtually brand new to biking her riding position may change a bit as she gets used to the bike so I gave her some tips on what to look for and what she could adjust.

A tale of two Fridays...

A tale of two Fridays...

Eventually my time ran out and I had to say goodbye.  Amy was super excited with her bike and based on her other hobbies, like marathon running, I’m certain her Pocket Sport will look well worn when I see her next.  If our schedules workout we’ll try and get in a 2-4 day bike tour at the end of July.



5 responses

26 06 2009

I am so elated to hear that everything worked out. Please give Amy my best!

13 07 2009

Great to get someone on the right bike. Cutie, too.

1 02 2010

Any update on Amy and her Pocket Sport? I took a short test ride on one today and I really liked to here her feedback, see some more pics..either here or via email..thanks

1 02 2010

Taz..Amy had a great ride out to the coast and is now biking in Hawaii. I’ll pass your comment and email on to her.

2 02 2010

As mentioned, I’m a runner…bike AMATUER! I love my Pocket Sport! It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me! I put at the very least 2000kms on it this passed summer, it carried me and 4 heavy panniers up and down psychotic hills across British Columbia, a 900km tour. Fits super nicely in a suit-case, no trouble at the border. The bike likes Hawaii, somewhat dis-likes dirt paths but if you’re careful it’s fine. It’s perfect for touring and the only thing I’ve replaced thus far was a stretched chain. Get one!

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