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16 06 2009
I can't beleive I actually miss the snow!  Dam you Pugsley!

I can't believe I actually miss the snow! Dam you Pugsley!

I’m not sure how I over looked it for so long, but now has a Fat Bikes Forum – sweet!  I have even got posts in it, but unless I’ve been posting at night in my sleep I assume those were posts culled from the Surly Forum and moved/copied to the Fat Bikes Forum.  Regardless it’s cool to have a one stop shopping forum for all Fat Bike info.  Thanks!

Update: found this thread that explains what happened and provides a time line – apparently I posted in that thread as well.  I must have a secret life I’m not even aware of!  Yikes!



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16 06 2009

I am feeling guilty for neglecting my pug (to the extent that it is currently loaning its pedals to my new fixed-gear build). I have thought enough about a front rack for it to decide that I am going to get the 100mm fork and a normal centered front wheel, and then I can use a wider selection of racks and a wider selection of wheels.

16 06 2009

Your Canada GDR trip sounds like mega fun!! Specially since you are taking the Pugsley. I can’t wait to read the post ride write-up.

20 07 2009

tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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