Pugsley CDN GDR Gear List

12 06 2009
My Pug loaded up in Baja

My Pug loaded up in Baja

Here is my first crack at a packing list for our CDN GDR tour.

Surly Puglsey
•    Multi tool
•    Adjustable wrench [for IGH nuts]
•    Spoke wrench
•    Tire levers
•    Pump [Road Morph]
•    Patch kit x 3
•    Spare tubes x 2
•    Spare brake and derailleur cables
•    Space Avid BB7 brake pads
•    Chain lube
•    Fibrefix spokes x 4
•    Duct tape
•    Zip ties
•    Ortlieb front and rear panniers
•    Old Man Mountain front & rear racks
•    Water bottles x 2
•    Cable lock

•    Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 Tent
•    Ultra light Thermarest
•    MEC down sleeping bag & compression sack
•    Sil tarp and pegs & cord
•    Tent pegs
•    Yellow rip stop nylon ground cloth

•    Trangia stove
•    Fuel Bottle
•    1L Boiler pot
•    Mugs x 2
•    Spoons x 2
•    Lighter

•    Dehydrated dinners 6 each
•    Green tea & herbal tea + sugar
•    Oatmeal x 10
•    Chocolate bars x 10
•    Mars bars x 8
•    Cliff bars x 8
•    Nuts
•    Jerky
•    Pristine drops
•    gum
•    oranges & apples

•    TNF rain jacket & rain legs chaps
•    Fleece gloves
•    Bike gloves
•    Toque
•    Buff neck gaitor
•    5.10 bike shoes
•    socks x 2
•    Long underwear top and bottom x 1
•    Sunglasses
•    Baseball hat
•    T-shirts x 2
•    Boxers x 3
•    Capris x 1
•    Shorts x 1
•    MEC fleece sweater

•    T-brush & paste
•    Hand sanitizer
•    TP
•    Travel towel
•    biosoap

•    map
•    ziplocks
•    camera & extra batteries
•    wallet
•    headlamp
•    Leatherman juicer multi tool
•    notebook & pen
•    cellular phone
•    small FA kit
•    GPS + bike mount + extra batteries [DL’d CDN GDR route]
•    passport



12 responses

12 06 2009

Don’t know if you like eatmore bars, but from my experience they don’t melt in hot weather. Can’t say the same for mars bars, nothing worse than having a gooey uneatable mess when you are starving!

12 06 2009

Good point Craig. I don’t like Eatmores, but I’ll keep the heat/melting potential in mind when we are buying food for the trip. Alberta/BC mountain weather is so unpredictable it;s hard to know what the temperatures will be.

12 06 2009
Jean Delatour

Back in the sixties, I happened to meet a lone cyclist on the road just south of Saskatoon where I was attending university at the time. She had that look that told you at a glance that she had travelled far and with a style and skill that begged to be emulated. She had ridden from Aspen in Colorado to visit the Western Development Museum and take in the summer festival of that time that was called Pioneera. She offered me a piece of advice that has served me well in my travels on the roads of North America: make a pile of everything you think you’ll need. Put back half. Then put back half of that. Then you’ll be ready.

Travel well, and listen for the song of the road. You’ll hear it if you listen closely.


12 06 2009

That looks like an outstanding trip! I’ve always eyed up that area of the map north of Elkford, looks really nice!

Hey, I’m coming to Calgary end of month, can you recomend a good place to buy one of those brooks saddles? I seriously need a replacement.

Also, do you know if Bow Cycle sells BOB trailers?


12 06 2009

Oh, by the way, on the weather front, if it’s any indication we’ve been having hot days, hovering at or above 30 degC, I wouldn’t doubt you see some of that, and probably some snow too.

12 06 2009

Craig – Bow Cycle sells both BOB trailers and Brooks saddles, however, I don’t know if they have either in stock. If you call them and check they can probably special order both in for you by the end of the month. If they can’t let me know and I’ll point you to alternate sources for these items.

13 06 2009

G’day Vic

ever considered using just a tarp rather then a tent? they are less then 1/4 of the size. although they don’t keep the bugs out and i hear the mossies are kinda nasty up there. I use one in Australia where the bugs are deadly spiders and I’m still alive.



13 06 2009


During my 10yrs in the army I did lots of tarp camping and lived to tell the tale. Having said that I have an irrational aversion to bugs so the weight of my ultralight tent [1.5kg] split between two people is not a burden.


After years of camping and self-propelled travel I’ve come to a balance between weight and comfort that is lighter than most, but nowhere near the ultra minimalist end of the spectrum.

Good point though – a simple tarp would be really light and compact!

15 06 2009

Ahh now I see why you want a tent : ) fair call too.

15 06 2009

I need to add the following bear safety items to the list:

– bear spray x 1 each
– bear bangers
– bear vault

18 03 2010

what fuel bottle did you end up buying? will the trangia 1 litre bottle fit in a bike’s bottle cage?

peace 🙂

19 03 2010

Hi Chandra,

I used a 500ml Trangia fuel bottle [plastic] which I stored in a pannier. Unlike naphtha there is no real risk to carry alcohol with your gear.

You can see the red bottle here:


It is too small to fit well into bottle cage.

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