Walter got his Tikit back…=-)!

9 06 2009
Walter and the stolen Tikit rescue posse!

Walter and the stolen Tikit rescue posse!

I reported that Walter from Bike Friday had his Tikit stolen last March.  Luckily he got it back with some help from a Bike Friday triplet riding team that had keen eyes.  Read Walter’s story here.

Walter's newly upgraded Tikit

Walter's newly upgraded Tikit

His Tikit did not return unscathed, but it gave Walter the chance to add a little bling and upgrade his bike.  Note the bike cuffs lock on the main tube. Click here to see what Walter’s Tikit looked like before it was stolen and subsequently upgraded.

Congrats Walter – glad you got your bike back…=-)



4 responses

16 07 2009

That’s a nicely-loaded tikit!

Hey vik, ever see anyone with a handlebar dog-carrier on a tikit? I have a 15 lb dog that I put in my handlebar dog carrier on my mountain bike, but I’m getting a medium tikit soon and was wondering about the weight limit on the handlebar stem. Any insight on that? (Already have a message in to bike friday, but I thought I’d ask you since you seem to have a lot of experience loading up tikits with stuff.)

BTW: your tikit blog was very helpful in my decision to go ahead and order one. So thanks for posting!

16 07 2009

Wow Dave….I’ve never contemplated carrying a dog from my Tikit’s bars. I best leave that answer to Bike Friday as they designed and built your bike. People probably put at least 10lbs on handlebar bags routinely so it’s not an idea that’s out of the question. Let me know what Bike Friday says – I’ll be interested in their answer.

How does your dog like riding bikes?

18 07 2009

She loves it. At first she was a tad freaked out, but now when we approach the bike she’ll jump up and down. It’s only a 5 mile ride to our nearest dog park here in L.A., so we’ll ride there and she can run around on arrival.

Actually, while I’ve got your attention: I encountered another issue after taking my new tikit out for its maiden voyage last night: It requires a lot of force to dislodge th latch rings (at the base of the seat mast) from the slots on the rear-wheel frame triangle. When I was just practicing folding and unfolding in my home, it was no problem, but after the seat “clicks” into the more secure latched position, I have a real hard time dislodging it to fold. I resorted to a nice roundhouse kick to the back of the seat, which worked to dislodge it, but only after trying to slap it open with my hand about 8 times unsuccessfully (Getting a sore palm.). I assume this is just because the bike is new and the latch rings haven’t worn much yet, resulting in a very tight/secure grasp. Have you ever encountered a very-hard-to-slap seat mast on your tikits?

19 07 2009

Heard back from BF: They don’t recommend hanging that much (15-20 lbs) weight from the handlebars, as they weren’t designed to take a huge amount of weight for sustained periods of time. Instead, they suggested somehow mounting the dog carrier to either the front or rear rack. I have a double-front rack, so I’m contemplating ideas for mounting the pet carrier there, as my dog would get antzy being in the back, I think.

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