Nexus/Alfine Brifter!

25 05 2009 is reviewing a new road bike by Dynamic Bicycles which features the cunning Nexus/Alfine brifter shown above….awesome!  So finally you can use one of these hubs and enjoy the brifter experience.  Between this shifter and the JTEK bar end shifter I reported about earlier the options for Shimano IGH setups has just increased dramatically.

It seems that at this early prototype stage Dynamic has not confirmed it will sell these components separately from their bikes, but given the potential demand I have to believe that will happen.

Read the post here.

Update [from Austin on Two Wheels]:

“Well, good news if you want to convert your old road bike with horizontal dropouts or track bike to Shimano internally geared hubs. Dynamic sent us an e-mail this week letting us know they will be the U.S. distributor for the Versa shifters as well as the Versa cranksets. The shifters will retail for $229 and the cranksets will come in two versions, the VCS46-EX with external bottom bracket included ($139) and the VCS46-SQ for square tapered BB ($39). Both cranks come with a single 46T chain ring.

Beginning in mid June, you should be able to order these through your local bike shop. In the meantime, Dynamic is offering a limited number of shifters and cranksets directly to the public at the introductory price of $199 for the shifters, $109 for the crank with external BB, and $29 for the standard crank. Anyone wanting to order these directly for this limited time can call Dynamic at 1-800-935-9553 to place an order.”



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1 02 2009
Ghost Rider

Pretty exciting, isn’t it?!? I hope like hell that someone (Dynamic or their component manufacturer) sells these things separately in addition to developing other complete-bike applications for the IGH/brifter combo. There are possibilities galore!

1 02 2009

This is so sick!!!! When I saw this post on your blog I literally jumped for joy! I am building up a 1971 Raleigh Twenty with the Nexus Red Band with drop bars and pondered about the Hubbub and JTEK, but now…..I think I have found my answer 8]

1 02 2009
Ghost Rider

I’d definitely like to try the JTEK barends, too — I think that would be an ideal setup for a touring bike. Sounds like you’ve got a great project going!

1 02 2009

The bar-cons would let you dump gears quickly, just like the Shimano grip-shifter; the the Shimano trigger-shifter and brifter wouldn’t. Worth thinking about.

1 02 2009

That’s true…and the bar-con is a simple, time tested mechanism, nothing to fail.

1 02 2009

James…I had intended to use a Nexus 8 twist shifter on my Pugsley for that very reason, but my LBS could only get in an Alfine trigger shifter in before I left for Baja. Frankly I can dump gears really fast with it as well. You don’t need to pedal to shift an IGH so you had dump gears as fast as you can tap the trigger.

1 02 2009

True enough ‘thelazyrando’. I have a grip-shifter on my crap-hybrid, and brifters on my road bike; minimal experience with triggers, and none with bar cons. I like brifters well enough, though find ‘click-click-click’ tedious enough that I just get out of saddle to haul @$$ up hills in the same gear. Turned out to be great training for my fixed!

There’s a lot not to like in grip-shifters, but the advantage with bar-cons of dumping gears is something. Bar-con is the way I’ll go if I ever switch my singlespeed to internal-hub. It’s heavier than the road bike, and no fixed/flywheel, so I’ll want to dump gears climbing.

22 02 2009

I found some more info on these shifters that I thought you might like:

These two articles talk about the origins of the Shifters, but if you go to:

You’ll see that there is a good following by manufacturers to build these!

26 05 2009

Will this be compatable with the Rohloff hub?

26 05 2009

No it only works with the Shimano Nexus 8 and Alfine IGHs.

26 05 2009

Thanks for the heads up on this Vic

Am loving the Alfine hub on my Tikit and had been thinking about a utility road bike with drop bars and Alfine gears – looks like it just moved from day dream to possibility

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