Rohloff Oil Change

19 05 2009

Kurt helped me change the oil in my first Rohloff hub that’s driving my Surly Big Dummy.  The Rohloff manual says to change the oil every 500okms or once a year.  I don’t think I’ve racked up 5000kms yet, but it’s been about a year since I put that hub into service.  The whole procedure was quick and painless as shown in the video.

Life with a Rohloff hub is rough.  I’ll have to repeat this oil change procedure in 12 months….*sigh*…=-)

Rohloff Oil Change Kit

Rohloff Oil Change Kit - photo: SJS Cycles



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26 05 2009

Personally I intend to keep the Rohloff on my dummy for several decades to come. But the yankee in me balks at buying those overpriced little single-use 25ml bottles of refill oil. Any thoughts on how to obtain a larger quantity, or alternative oils to use? Last time I researched this question I didn’t find any good ideas.

Any thoughts?

27 05 2009

You can buy bulk 1L cleaning oil and gear oil from SJS Cycles [links below] in the UK. You should be able to buy the same items from Rohloff USA. You’ll still need fittings, tube and syringe to add/remove the fluids from your hub. I suppose you could buy one oil change kit from Rohloff initially and then reuse it with the bulk oil.

I got a decent deal on my oil change kits when I bought my hubs and got several at that time. Given I only need a few ml of cleaning fluid and oil a year per hub I can’t be bothered to store the cans of bulk fluid for 10 years to save some $$$. Additionally if I am on tour and need to change the oil in my hubs I have easy to carry or ship small packets that contain everything I need.

I haven’t looked into using other non-Rohloff fluids for cleaning and lubricating these hubs. It’s probably possible, but you’d have to know a lot more about the subject than I do to make the correct choice.–8405-10979.htm–8404-10978.htm

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