Kite Training

17 05 2009
Kurt training with a 2.3m 2 line power kite.

Kurt training with a 2.3m 2 line power kite.

The 12m kites we have for our kite boards are uber powerful – like drag you across town in a heartbeat powerful – so it’s essential to learn how to control them properly in order to stay safe.  Two ways to get proficient are professional instruction [we are working on this] and flying smaller trainer kites on land.

Kurt & I went for a 120km ride up in the mountains between Banff and Lake Louise Saturday.  After some post ride beer and pizza we busted out a trainer kite for some practice.  it’s amazing how hard such a small kite can pull.  A couple times I was leaning back as hard as I could and was still dragged forward across the field.  We are getting fairly good at controlling these small kites, but we’ve been told the next step is to get good at flying them with our eyes closed!  Wow – I feel like Luke in the first Star Wars movie….or is that the 3rd Star Wars movie???…=-)  This advice makes sense as you want to keep your eyes on where you are going when kite boarding not on your kite.

HQ Power KItes Rush 2 Line Trainer

HQ Power KItes Rush 2 Line Trainer

Even these small trainer kites generate a lot of useful power so we started to think some all terrain skateboards might be in order, but we are taking baby steps and we’ll stick with just the small kites for a while before adding a board.  Hmmm…Burning Man + kites + landboards could be a lot of fun…=-)

photo: Simon Coggins

photo: Simon Coggins



3 responses

17 05 2009

Hey LR,

First time commenter here. Started following your blog recently. I wanted to get into randonneuring for about three years but since I don’t have a car (wife always using it 🙂 ) and the Toronto chapter is 200km away, I just ride long distance without the club. Also got into kiteboarding last year, so can kinda relate :).

Anyways I don’t believe just flying a trainer will prepare you to safely fly your 12m. Get pro instruction or watch the IKO Progression:Beginner video. I mean the trainer doesn’t have any of the safety features you 4/5 liners has.

I figure it’s like this. If you take up windsurfing and don’t know what you’re doing, the worst thing that will happen is you won’t get the sail out of the water. If you take up kiting and don’t know what you’re doing, the worst thing that can happen… ya :/…

Anyways, thanks for the interesting blog, how are the rainlegs?

17 05 2009

Thanks for the comment…no worries we have a lot of respect for the larger water kites. We will be getting professional instruction – lots of it. The trainer kites are just one part of getting proficient at the sport.

19 05 2009
Jobo Leisure

Great pictures…you may be interested in our shop, which has a wide range of power kites and kite buggies

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