Thanks guys!

8 05 2009
Lefty & Righty - you guys rock!

Lefty & Righty - you guys rock!

I just wanted to send a shout out to my feet for being so awesome the past couple months.  Since I hurt my left foot back in Aug ’07 it took until Feb ’08 to be mostly back in action and really it wasn’t until March ’08 that I was pretty much able to do everything I wanted again without pain.  I spent a lot of time limping along and I was quite unhappy about my situation due to the slow pace of my recovery. Then the other day I was running to catch up with my friends and realized “…I’m running!  Sweet!…”

These days I appreciate my mobility a lot more than I did before my injury.  Every time I go for a walk, bike ride or out dancing I remember that wasn’t possible just a short time ago.  On the upside having gone through this process has made so many everyday tasks special.

I keep the cast and crutches in the corner of my bedroom to remind me how lucky I am to be back in action…=-)



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8 05 2009

I hear ya!! I feel the same way after my recent recovery. Even though I still have daily pain, I savor every mile on my bike and being able to do everyday tasks. It was just 3 months ago that I couldn’t even raise a spoon to my mouth with my right hand. I realize now it can all be taken away at any time. Puts a different spin on how I do things. I don’t take good health for granted anymore.

20 05 2009

Glad to have you back 100%!

I sprained my left wrist 2.5 weeks ago and it’s been slow going. I am riding by pawing my left wrist to sqeeze the brake levers. Very slow necessary commuting and taking neighborhood streets. Don’t feel confident bombing through 4 lane streets and jumping curbs.

Thanks for the great blog!

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