DIY Watchamacollars

5 05 2009
$4.50 V-rack clamps for your Big Dummy

$4.20 V-rack clamps for your Big Dummy

If $39 for 2 Watchamacollar V-rack clamps is too rich for your bank account you can’t get the seatpost clamps pictured above for $4.20 each after discount.  They are slightly larger than the tubing on the Big Dummy so you’ll need to wrap the area you are clamping with some tape to get the right fit.  A reasonable compromise given the cost savings.

$19.50 V-rack clamps from Xtracycle

$19.50 V-rack clamps from Xtracycle

Watchamacollars in action:

Watchamacollars securing V-racks to an Xtracycle

Watchamacollars securing V-racks to an Xtracycle

Note that the Xtracycle Watchamacollars have a built in o-ring to keep water out of the Big Dummy/Xtracycle sub-frame.  So if you use the DIY clamps and live in a wet area you’ll want to use something like some inner tube to keep water out.



5 responses

5 05 2009

do the xtracycle watchamacollars have a consistent diameter all the way through, or is there a small step to account for the slight difference in tubing size?

if these clamps slip over the inner-tube seal method, they would add a nice element of security to the v-racks for super cheap, without sacrificing water protection.

nice find!

5 05 2009

I’m not 100% as I can’t get excited to shell out $80 for Watchamacollars, but I believe they are stepped to account for the difference in tubing diameters.

5 05 2009

actually, having compared the two products further, the split between the two bolts in the watchamacollars is probably what accounts for the difference in tubing diameter. i wonder if the seat-clamp version would grip as well.

have you tried these out on your big dummy?

5 05 2009

Actually you can see the Watchamacollars are stepped in these photos:

15 07 2013

I got some genuine Whatchamacollars for cheap on eBay. I must say that they are very nice. The internal groove for the O-ring and the different upper/lower diameters are perfect. I was going to DIY a second set, but decided that the real deal is so nice that I probably won’t.

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