How we roll…

4 05 2009
Photo: James Tworow

Photo: James Tworow

A typical Saturday in Calgary found us rolling across town in search of smooth pavement to longboard and a delicious brunch.  The Big Dummy wasn’t even maxed out.  We had room for one more passenger!  Good work Surly…=-)



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4 05 2009

Love – love – love it!

4 05 2009

Yeah, that’s relaxed. Must be a great feeling to surf like that 🙂

20 06 2009
Gerco van Vulpen

Hello Vik,

I love your site and have been following your updates for quite a while. I am about to order a Big Dummy frame and start building it to my specs. Problem is i can not decide on the framesize… I get contradicting advice… Maybe you could give me your thought about it… I am 1.88 mtrs tall and my inner leg length is 90 cm. I’ll be using it for cargobiking offcourse, but also plan to do longdistance trekking with it. I was thinking about getting the 22″ frame….


Gerco van Vulpen
The Netherlands

20 06 2009


I ride an 18″ frame and am 182cm tall with an inseam of 84cm.

Keep in mind the stand over on a Big Dummy is very low and the top tube is very long.

So I would ignore the stand over height and just focus on the top tube length. Try sitting on a bike with the same handle bars and see what sort of top tube length you like then use that to help you pick a Big Dummy frame.

Send me some pictures when you have you Big Dummy built up.



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