New Rohloff Update

28 04 2009
The supermodel of IGHs...=-)

The supermodel of IGHs...=-)

If you were waiting for a new version of the Rohloff Speedhub I’d recommend you stop.  I think seeing a production version of a new Rohloff will be 2 years out from the completion of a design and the beginning of prototype testing.  Since it appears the design process is not finished it will be considerably longer.

From the Thorn Rohloff Forum:

“Hello Justin,

We are indeed working on a newer, lighter version of our ever popular SPEEDHUB 500/14.

It is not possible (as with other bicycle components) to simply replace the material from which the SPEEDHUB is constructed with that of a lighter metal. Instead we must try to reduce the surface area of the entire system and this means completely revising the construction of the hub. This process as I am sure you can understand, is not exactly a light task.

To date, the designs themselves are not satisfactorily completed, for this reason we have no prototypes which we can start testing and therefore will most probably take a good couple of years before we are ready to release something into the open market place.

Again, because we have not yet completed the designs of the newer SPEEDHUB version, I am momentarily not able to say anything more about the construction.

The current version (SPEEDHUB 500/14) weighs approximately 1760g and therefore the weight lies only a few hundred grams over that of a derailleur gear system of the same quality. For this excess weight you receive a product which saves maintenance and repair costs, time by cleaning and adjustment, and by shifting the entire weight of the shifting system to the rear of the bicycle, the total weight of a bicycle will be evened out and centrally balanced (balancing point over the BB).

More information over the current SPEEDHUB can be found on our internet site .

Best Wishes from Fuldatal, Germany.

Stewart Stabik,
Technical Support Manager
Rohloff AG, Germany
(*)/ (*)

* contact:
* Rohloff AG, Stewart Stabik,
* Mönchswiese 11, D-34233 Fuldatal
* phone: +49 561 510 80 0, fax: +49 561 510 80 15

* Aufsichtsratvorsitzende: Iris Doepfer * Vorstand: Barbara Rohloff
* Handelsregister: Amtsgericht Kassel HRB 4472
* Sitz der Gesellschaft: 34233 Fuldatal
* USt-ID-Nr. DE 113 084 808″



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