Burning Man 2009

27 04 2009
Sarah biking the playa in 2007

Sarah biking the playa in 2007

I’m thinking Burning Man may be in the cards for me this year. It’s not a 100% yet, but I’m going to work out the details and see what happens.  One question is what to do for a bike?  In 2007 I used an old MTB from a friend.  It worked and I still have it, but it’s in rough condition due to the very fine dust on the playa.  I didn’t really enjoy riding it while at the burn, but it was nice to leave it unlocked and walk away for hours knowing it was most likely going to still be there when I returned and worst case if it was “borrowed” it was not a great loss.

I’m considering bringing one of my nice bikes – probably my Pugsley.  I just have to ponder what the hassles of having to lock it all the time will be like and what the damage to the components is likely to be.  I’m hoping the dust won’t penetrate the Alfine – that would be tragic!

Anyone bring nice bikes to Burning Man?  If so what was your experience like?  Would you have preferred to have a beater MTB instead?

My Burning Man rig in 2007.

My Burning Man rig in 2007.



4 responses

10 05 2009

I’d take the beater… it would suck if some stinky hippie stole the Pugsly.

13 05 2009

I hear you, but the playa has been uber soft last year and will likely be uber soft this year. People with normal MTBs were having trouble getting around off the maintained roads. I’m thinking the Pugsleys will be perfect and if we lock them they won’t get stolen. The trade off is the hassle of locking them.

16 07 2010

Well, I just got a Pugsley and if it was made for anything, it was made for the Playa. It would be a shame *not* to bring it. I’m a little nervous too but I usually lock my bike in BRC anyway. If not out of malice, people often take bikes because they’re wasted and can’t tell the difference between purple glow fur and astroturf wrapped around the frame (actually, a true story). I can’t wait to see other Pugsleys on the Playa. Maybe we can arrange a group ride?

16 07 2010

The Pug is a great playa bike…I locked mine and had no issues last year. I won’t be there this year so I can’t meet up this year…I might be back in 2012, but not before then.

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