Nick’s Randonee

24 04 2009
Nick's REI Randonee frame built up...

Nick's REI Randonee frame built up...

I sold Nick a used REI Randonee frame last year.  It was the one Anna discarded when she move all the parts over to a Surly LHT.   Nick took some time to build up the bike and sent me this email:

“Hi Vik,

Thought you might like to see what became of all your stuff.

I am really happy how the bike turned out.  The frame seems to fit me well, although I am still tinkering with the sizing.  I use it exclusively for my daily commute (27kms each way) and the setup suits me well.  I especially like the Paul Thumbies you suggested.  With the Ultegra shifters on friction, shifting is very smooth.  The Truvativ crankset you gave me is also working well.  I did not splurge on anything else except the saddle.  You sold me on the Brooks as well. Break-in period doesn’t seem to be bad.  The sales guy thought it would eventually be ‘like a hammock’.  High expectations.  I like the Schwalbe tires too.  They perform well on the combination of trails, paths and roads I use.  All in all, a great setup.  Thanks for all your help.

I read you’re off  to Switzerland soon.  Huge biking nation.  I grew up there, in Basel.  I seem to recall you were born there?  Mother is Swiss?  Hope you enjoy it.

Cheers for now,


Nick's comfy cockpit...

Nick's comfy cockpit...



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