I need a 54cm LHT!

23 04 2009
My custom Surly LHT

My custom Surly LHT

I need a 54cm Surly LHT – doesn’t need to be in mint condition – just serviceable and with a price commensurate with the condition.  I may consider a frame/fork only.  If you have one let me know.



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23 04 2009

Building up a bike for someone?

23 04 2009

My buddy rides a 54cm and can’t afford a new bike – plus it will fit my girlfriend so it kills two birds with one stone and hopefully gets ’em riding with me!…=-)

23 04 2009

I have one I would like to sell. But it is going to be unbelievably expensive to ship Singapore->Canada 😦

Good luck finding one nearby.

24 04 2009

Hey Nat,

Let me know how much your selling your LHT for.

I live in Taiwan but have friends in Singapore.

Could you please send me your email to:




27 04 2009
b. mckendry

Ive got one if youre still searching

27 04 2009

Cool…..can you email me the details to threeohm “at” gmail “dot” com?



6 05 2009


I didn’t get the e-mail address there. Would appreciate if you can contact me at nat’AT’pedscapades’DOT’com.

Wouldn’t want to spam Vik’s blog here 🙂

14 05 2009
Bill Prouty

I have a 54 LHT frameset and matching wheelset. Lightly used for one year (2007-2008) then I moved up to a larger size LHT. It’s black cherry in color – the best they ever made and I think discontinued. The wheels are 26″ Delgado Salsa, 32 spoke. A great set of Specialized Armadillo 26×1.95 tires are on them.

15 05 2009

Thanks Bill…..after looking at the awful exchange rate I realized I could get a new LHT for almost the cost of a decent used one plus shipping.

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