NWT Update

22 04 2009
My NWT resting by Nose Creek in Calgary.

My NWT resting by Nose Creek in Calgary.

With the weather finally solidly dry and warm-ish I got the NWT out for a 15km bike ride to drop off a car in the NW part of Calgary and then ride back downtown.  The NWT folds up easily and makes throwing in the trunk a breeze.  This was my first longer ride with the new gearing, Greenspeed Scorcher tires and JTEK Nexus 8 bar end shifter.  I must say they all worked fabulously.  In fact it feels like a whole new bike – faster and easier to ride than previously. I could have used one more gear at the top end, but it wasn’t much of an issue and I want to keep this bike setup for loaded touring.

My final upgrade/modification will be to install some Planet Bike full coverage fenders this week.

What lock?

What lock?



4 responses

22 04 2009

Nice looking ride Vik! When I visited PDX last February I rented a Brompton from Clever instead of renting a car. Very nice way to get around – its small enough to roll into most cafe’s and stores, packs easily for the train, and rides really well for a commuter.

The NWT looks like it will make a sweet touring rig…! Jealous, for sure.

22 04 2009

Better to want 1 more gear at the top than NEED 1 more gear at the bottom. 🙂

22 04 2009

For sure…and to be honest I wasn’t spinning crazy fast…I was just cranking along in a lazy mood so I think the gearing is pretty much perfect.

22 04 2009

Looking neat – am actively considering the JTEK for my Tikit – nothing against the Alfine standard shifter but it would free up a bit of bar space

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