Kite Boarding

18 04 2009
The solution to the end of the snowboard season...=-)

The solution to the end of the snowboard season...=-)

I’m hoping to get out to the mountains one last time to ride my snowboard.  Conditions won’t be great, but a bad day snowboarding is better than a good day siting at a computer working. On that note we decided to pull the trigger on a couple kite boarding setups from Airtime in Vancouver.  I’m looking forward to learning some new skills and to keep boarding even in the summer.  Not to mention having an excellent excuse to travel to tropical bikini filled beaches in the winter…=-)



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19 04 2009

Only ONE more time? But backcountry conditions are perfect at the moment! Brilliant, brilliant snow! Sounds like you’re in need of a splitboard 🙂

19 04 2009

I could definitely use a split board and have thought about getting one. I just need some friends interested and skilled in back country skiing/boarding. At the moment all the folks I board with a resort types and I’m not sure what their interest in back country boarding would be.

It is on my radar though. Good point.

19 04 2009

BTW – I do have snow shoes and avy gear [although my skills are rusty] so I could do BC boarding – at least to some extent even with the gear I have. Maybe I’ll give that a shot next year….again it comes down to having people to do it with.

20 04 2009
Richard Crawford

Kiteboarding and MTB’ing

Have the same karmic buzz – and both keep you fit …. and kiting works the abs that cycling doesn’t reach.

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