Nothing says fast like…

10 04 2009
Old Man Mountain Sherpa rear rack

Old Man Mountain Sherpa rear rack

One of the funniest comments I’ve rec’d recently about my bikes was from Hank W..”…nothing says fast like an OMM rack!…”  I can’t help myself….fenders and racks are essential in my world – even on a go-fast bike.  On this red machine’s maiden voyage we were riding along some wet sections and Kurt complained his butt was soaked.  I looked at him smugly and said “…that’s what fenders are for!…”  My next project is to make front and rear mudflaps from a milk jug.  I’m drinking tea like crazy so I can get an empty milk jug to work with!…..=-)

I love how easy these racks are to mount.

I love how easy these racks are to mount.

So I think I am up to 8 OMM racks…just two away from having an official Old Man Mountain rack problem.



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10 04 2009

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27 01 2010

Hi, I have a question about the sherpa. How strong is it? Will it really take 40lbs day in day out on tour? Or is this just a maximum it will accept sometimes. Also, how far does the quickrelease stick out? Finally is the quickrelease not a massive hassle when trying to change a flat tyre? hope you can help!

28 01 2010

My friend used two OMM Sherpas on this dirt road tour that was really hard on our gear and had no problem.


My oldest OMM rack is 9years old and going strong. So I wouldn’t hesitate to use one for a long tour.

The QR sticks out no farther past the rack than a normal QR, but the rack does sit ~0.5″ outside the dropout on each side. That has never caused any problem for me.

The dealing with the OMM rack QR adds an extra 20 seconds to fixing a flat – nothing you’d ever notice. I tend to use high quality tires so I am not dealing with flats often. For example I use an OMM QR rack on the front of my Surly LHT even though it has traditional rack eyelets on the fork so I could mount a more standard front rack. I use the OMM because I like it so much.

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