MEC sells 5.10 Impact Bike Shoes

10 04 2009
5.10 Impact Low bike shoes I love.

5.10 Impact Low bike shoes I love.

Canadian cyclists rejoice…MEC is selling 5.10 Impact bike shoes in both the low and mid versions.  These shoes are tough, comfy and feature a Stealth rubber sole for uber traction.  I like them so much they are becoming a favourite for general use and have come through with flying colours during a grueling 8hr warehouse dance-fest…=-)

Combine these shoes with some aggressive BMX pedals and you have a solid connection to your bike that won’t fail you on even the most demanding downhill MTB trails.  For more casual use you’ll be able to jump off your bike and comfortably blend into the crowd and then be back on your bike in seconds.

5.10 Impact Mid bike shoes that Kurt loves.

5.10 Impact Mid bike shoes that Kurt loves.



6 responses

13 04 2009
scott atchley

Are the 5.10’s that much better than hiking/trail shoes? I just put some platforms on my mtb and, for me, the whole point is that I don’t need to shell out more bucks for biking -specific shoes. Any thoughts or comparisons?

13 04 2009

Well that’s a personal decision. Depending on the shoes you have and the pedals and the type of riding you do. You may be 100% happy with what you have.

My hiking shoes have a hard plastic arch so there is a lot of missing contact area vs. the flat & sticky 5.10’s. I also don’t look at the 5.10’s as bike specific shoes….I use ’em for all kinds of stuff that isn’t related to my bicycle as they are very comfy.

13 04 2009
scott atchley

In your opinion, how would the 5.10’s hold up as a hiking shoe? I’m thinking hike-a-bike situations w/ a single-speed in the backcountry. Thanks for the input!


13 04 2009

I think they’d do pretty well. The company makes climbing and approach shoes so they are used to making footwear for demanding applications. I think the only 2 issues you might have is the sole is very sticky, but not deeply treaded so if it was muddy the result could be slippery…and since the sole is sticky climbing rubber it may wear out faster than say a Vibram soled hiking shoe.

13 05 2009

I’ve been using the low 5.10’s for my commuting and pootling needs. With Grip Kings on my LHT, it’s great fun. Very solid contact for those who don’t care for bindings of whatever kind. And they’re just a wee bit stiff, making them more comfy for longer rides. And of course, totally walkable. For my part I do see them as a bit cycling-specific (the soles are not non-marking), but they’re cycling-specific shoes that are genuinely walkable, not the sorta-walkable you get with recessed cleats and small toe-boxes.

16 01 2012
Srs bike talk.

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