Tricked out German Tikit

8 04 2009
IGH + full chaincase + no chain tensioner on a standard Tikit

IGH + full chaincase + no chain tensioner on a standard Tikit

A reader [sorry I forgot who!…=-(] turned me on to this cool Tikit from Germany.  It sports a Nexus 8 IGH, without a chain tensioner on a standard Tikit frame as well as a full chain case.  Very nicely done.  The site is partially in German and partially in English so use an internet translator to figure out the bits you don’t understand.



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8 04 2009

Very interesting – I wonder how effective it is – it looks just loosely clipped over

8 04 2009
Christoph Moder

This is my Tikit … nice to see it here … !

I had started to translate the page to English, but didn’t finish it; it simply takes some time. (After writing something it in German, I seldom feel like writing it again in a different language where it is harder to find the proper wording.)

@Gareth: It is quite effective. The chainguard is made of plastic and really just clipped over the chain, but it fits quite well. Yes, there is some friction, but it is negligible, maybe like a dynamo. I am using my bike mostly in the city with a lot of stop-and-go traffic, so a bit more friction does not matter, my speed is mostly limited by traffic lights. I always wanted a gear hub (faster gear switching, also when standing) and also as much reliability as possible, so a chain guard makes sense because the chain needs much less maintenance. I have cycled throughout the winter, with a lot of snow and salt on the streets, my bike was more than dirty, but the chain is still clean and well lubricated.

Greetings from Munich,

8 04 2009

Great work on your Tikit Christoph. When my Tikit’s drivetrain needs replacing I may just do the same….=-)



9 04 2009

“Thank god an actual cycling post.”

If you are not happy with the blog content just let me know and I’ll refund you the $$$ you paid to subscribe!

21 04 2009

Nice indeed. Did you fabricate the chain guard yourself, or is there a source for it?

It’s very difficult to find chainguards (even fenders, that will fit) in the USA. Only one of my bikes is presently IGH, but I wish to trade by Tikit-2-Ride for a Seasons Tikit with Nexus-8. Would like to find full chain casing. My other bikes have half guards, sourced from

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