Switzerland Gear List

4 04 2009
Gregory Z-30 Pack

Gregory Z-30 Pack

With our 3 week Swiss mountain biking trip only 80 odd days away thoughts have turned to getting our gear sorted.  We still haven’t decided 100% if we’ll ride the Alpine Bike Route or if we’ll ride at various spots in Switzerland and take transit between them.  One thing we have decided is that we are going ultra light.  For us that means all our gear has to either be worn, hang off the bike or be in a 28L day pack.

I’ll be wearing a Gregory Z-30 pictured above and Kurt will be using a Deuter Furura 28. Since we may be riding with our packs on most of the time we want to keep the weight as low as possible while still being comfortable.  We’ll be using large seat bags and hopefully some sort of Gas Tank bag from Eric @ Epic Designs.

Here is my first crack at a gear list:

[P] = pack,  [SB] = seatbag,  [GT] = gas tank,  [W] = wear, bold text = group stuff only one person will carry


•    Santa Cruz Nomad
Spare tubes x 2 [SB]
•    Shock pump [P]

•    Tire pump [P]
•    Patch kit x 2 [SB]
•    Tire levers x 3 [SB]
•    Multitool [SB]
•    Chain tool [SB]
•    Spare powerlink [SB]
•    Chain lube [P]
•    Kevlar emergency spokes x 4 [SB]
•    Duct tape [SB]
•    Zip ties x 4 [SB]

•    Helmet [W]
•    Pads [W]


•    Capris [W]
•    Bike shorts [unpadded] [P]
•    Running tights [P]
•    Rain chaps [P]
•    Thermal top [P]
•    T-shirt x 2 [P]
•    LS top x 1 [W]
•    Socks x 2 [W & P]
•    Boxers x2 [W & P]
•    Soft shell jacket [W]
•    Helmet liner & baseball cap[P]
•    Gloves [W]
•    5.10 bike shoes [W]
•    Sunglasses & cleaning cloth [W & P]

•    Buff [P]

•    Fleece [P]


•    25-30L day pack
•    digi cam & memory cards & charger [GT]
•    GPS & spare batteries & charger [on bike]

•    Maps [P]
•    Guidebooks [P]
•    Micro F/A kit [P]

•    Notebook & pen [P]
•    Mini Leatherman tool [SB]
•    Passport [P]
•    Health insurance [P]
•    Credit cards & cash[P]
•    Headlamp [P]


•    T-brush & paste [P]
•    Floss [P]
•    Tweezers [P]
•    Nail clippers [P]
•    Bio soap [P]
•    Travel towel [P]
•    Chap stick & hand sanitizer [GT]
•    Vitamins [P]