New Surly Rat Bike

2 04 2009
11yr Aniversary Edition 1x1

11yr Anniversary Edition 1x1

Surly’s latest complete bike:

  • 24″ Large Marge rims
  • 3″ tires
  • single speed
  • disc brakes

Ideal for….ummm….actually I have no idea what this bike is ideal for!

Complete specs here.



6 responses

2 04 2009

beer swilling, polo-playing and general mayhem. I think.

2 04 2009

Ideal for… pure awesomness

2 04 2009

Bein’ cool

2 04 2009
Adrian Q

Ideal for installing an Alfine hub and (if those tires fit) converting it into an Xtracycle!

2 04 2009


2 04 2009

This compared to a Pugsley, is like a half-track to a tank! How often do you really need a tank?

Smaller rotating mass (24″x3″ vs. 26″x3.7″ tires)? 1×1 frame is lighter than the Pugsley frame (7.34 vs. 8.18lb). You give up maybe just 20% of the Pusgsley’s tire footprint. Surly says you can swap out for a short travel fork on the 1×1. Here’s a project: 1×1 frame, short travel fork, 24″ Large Marge rims, H-bars, Shimano Alfine Hub (or SA S3X with freewheel), Brooks Flyer sprung saddle, 3″ knobby tires.

$%*& yeah!

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