NWT Gearing Redux

26 03 2009
The search continues...

The search continues...

In aid of my dream to run my NWT with a single chainring and a Nexus 8 IGH I’ve tried using a 23T cog at the back with a 43T ring up front.  The resulting gear range was too low so I tried a 21T cog in the back.  Unfortunately that cog is too small to work with my Surly Singlenatortensioner chain in the push up mode [pictured below with the 23T cog].

Surly Singlenator just works with a 23T cog

Surly Singlenator just works with a 23T cog

So I put the 23T cog back on and I’ve ordered up a 46T front ring which will hopefully get the gear range where I want it. I’m pretty close!

Speaking of gearing I rec’d my JTEK Alfine/Nexus bar end shifter and I have installed it on the NWT.  I’ll post details separately.  It seems to work great, but since my NWT drivetrain is in pieces at the moment I haven’t road tested it yet.



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26 03 2009

What about trying this:
and avoid tensioner ?

26 03 2009

Vik –

The Nexus takes a bit to dial in, for sure. We have one on our Bak and I’ve favored the low end – so I think we are running a 23 and 39. Luckily I don’t have to worry about chain tension as we have trackends with tensioners…

I tried to figure out where a sweet spot would be in either 4 or 5, and build from that. Unlike the Rolhoff, the Nexus has a few larger jumps. On the cargo bike it doens’t bother me – but on a touring or cruising bike it certainly would.


26 03 2009

I’ve seen that EBB before online in Europe, but never seen it for sale here in North America. Given I’d need a new crankset and the EBB it’s simpler to just proceed with what I have and grab a new chainring.

I’ll keep my eyes open for an online store selling those EBBs though – thanks.

27 03 2009

how in the world do you remove the circlip?!!?! I’ve been trying to pry it off of my Nexus red band for ages @_@

27 03 2009

Ya the circlip is a huge pain in the ass coming off and going on. I use two small precision flat blade screwdrivers to pry it off. There are a couple notches that let you get under the clip.

Going back on I hold down one edge and use the screwdrivers at the notches to get circlip seat…work from one side all the way around. It will take a few [dozen!] attempts….=-(

30 03 2009

Check this out, this is something you could be looking for:

It’s in german, but there are pics.

You could use regular lenghth trousers then , no 3/4…..:-)

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