Thanks Bern!

10 03 2009
I got to try out my helmet...

I got to try out my helmet...

I picked up a Bern helmet before I left on this trip.  It has turned out to be very comfortable while riding and I really like the visor.  I got to test out its protective properties on a ride in Sedona when I hit a low tree branch I had not seen.  The impact was considerable, but I came out of it unscathed.

I’m no expert on helmet impacts, but I think the hard shell Bern was a benefit as instead on collapsing and grabbing the branch like a foam helmet would the hard shell slide along the branch minimizing how much my head was jerked back.

Luckily other than my tree branch incident I managed not to land on my head!…=-)



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16 03 2009

I haven’t seen any in Calgary, any idea who might be carrying them? I should ask someone at Bow Cycle next time I am in. They look great, and kind of less Giro-esque if you know what I mean.

17 03 2009

MEC sells them.

27 02 2010

As skid lids go Bern helmets look great! I’d never seen one before….

Too heavy for cycle touring I’m guessing Vik?

How are you getting on with WordPress as opposed to Blogger?


27 02 2010

Hola Stu….as a general rule I don’t wear a bike helmet when touring [unless legally obliged to] if I had to the Bern would be fine. It’s not particularly heavy. The smaller profile than a typical helmet would be welcome on a bike tour compared to my Giro helmets.

I haven’t worn a Bern on a really hot day – maybe the Giro style would be cooler? I’m not 100% about that.

Giro with Dinotte 200L-AA 1

Space Helmet

I like WordPress better than blogger – both are about the same level of effort to use though.

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