Straightline Rock Guard

3 03 2009
Straightline Rock Guard replaces my big ring.

Straightline Rock Guard replaces my big ring.

6″ of travel and extremely technical terrain means that your chainrings get pounded into rocks more often than you’d like. Not much you can do about it really.  So I pulled off my big ring and installed a Straightline rock guard.  I wasn’t using the big ring since by the time I am going fast enough to need a 42T ring off road I’m just holding on for dear life!  Although the admittedly decent derailleur setup on the Santa Cruz Nomad works fine trying to double shift and  clean techno moves is not much fun.  I’m convinced that a Rohloff on this bike would give me way more useful gears without all the grinding, missed shifts and chain slap.   I think that’s going to happen this spring and so more than a single chainring up front is irrelevant in the long term.

Not too much I can say about this rock guard.  It looks cool, isn’t too heavy and does the job.



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3 03 2009


Did I read right that you plan to add a Rohloff to this bike? I assume you will have to use a chain tensioner. Will you use the standard Rohloff 14?


3 03 2009

Yes that’s the plan. I have a Rohloff built up into a Mavic Enduro rim on my Big Dummy so I’ll just use that and swap the wheel back and forth as needed. The Nomad and the Big Dummy won’t be competing for the same ride time.

The Rohloff on the Big Dummy is a QR disc brake version.

I’ll use a Surly Singlenator in push up mode to keep the chainline high off the ground and simple. The Nomad’s VPP suspension has minmal chain growth as it moves so not much slack to take up.

3 03 2009

Hey, that’s not to different than what I did with my SC Heckler years ago. Once I got into trials riding I found myself taking on the really technical parts of the trails when out on the Heckler. Took off the big ring for clearance.

Only place I missed the big ring was a fire road in a valley with an ever-so-slight downhill. Other than that, like you, I was content to coast once I topped out the middle ring. I also liked running the shorter chain, could have more tension, less chainslap.

Regarding the Rohloff wheel, is it that easy to swap the shift cables off/on?

3 03 2009

You could zip tie the shift cables to the frame and then it would be easy to swap the Rohloff shifter & cables between bikes, but I’m too lazy for that. I’ll just buy a second shifter/cables and external gear mechanism for the Nomad.

I may also just take the derailleur parts from the Nomad and make the Big Dummy a derailleur bike. That would be a no cost swap and I don’t need the Rohloff on the Big Dummy as much as I do on the Nomad.

4 03 2009

I loved my race face guards they never failed ,, hows is you miss you too ,,, Steeker

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