Flypaper MTB Pedals

2 03 2009
Ultra low profile MTB pedals made in Sedona.

Ultra low profile MTB pedals made in Sedona.

From Kurt:

“Saw some interesting ultra flat peddles on a locals ride in Sedona.

They are machined from one piece of aluminum and the bearing set surrounds tip of each crank arm.  The advantage is no outboard bearings to dump in the sand and the petal can be ultra flat thereby reducing the roll over potential.  They also look very cool!

I tried them for a few spins around before the ride and was quite impressed, the only drawback is that they require custom crank arms and therefore extra cost if you already have arms.

We are going to meet the inventor to get more information. “

As seen on the inventor/manfucaturer's bike.

As seen on the inventor/manufacturer's bike.

There are a few more photos of these pedals in our Flickr Sedona Set here. We’ll report with more details later this week.

Here is the manufacturer’s website.



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11 03 2009
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[…] is a video I shot of the inventor/manufacturer of the Flypaper MTB pedals discussing their […]

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