Getting into the groove…

27 02 2009


I could get used to this kind of riding...

I could get used to this kind of riding...

Our time in Moab is coming to an end just as we were getting used to the crazy technical red rock extravaganza this town has to offer.  Spend enough time here and insane moves become normal and your riding skills get honed to a fine edge.


We’ll be on the road to Sedona today in search of flowing buff singletrack, but we’ve got a return date with Moab when the upper sections of Porcupine Rim Trail are open and we can rip all 50kms+ of this masterpiece.  It’s been named downhill trail of the year by Bike Magazine and we can see why….awesome!

We’ve added new photos to the Flickr Stream from the trip in Moab.



2 responses

1 03 2009
Spencer B

So how are the pads going? Have you had to use them Yet. Are they worth the weight and the inconvenience for trail riding?

1 03 2009

I’ve worn the pads on every ride on this trip. I’m surprised how comfy they are. I’ve only needed them twice, but because I have them on I’m willing to try things I wouldn’t otherwise. 6″ of travel front and back makes for fast downhill speeds. Without pads one crash could end the whole trip.

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