Dreaming of green…

25 02 2009
I can't wait to be riding my Tikit through long grass in the sunshine!

I can't wait to be riding my Tikit through long grass in the sunshine!



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25 02 2009

No kidding Vik. I”m not sure when you’re on your way back home, but we’ve got about 4 more inches of snow. Tonight, low of -22C. I’ve secom to the point of riding around of frozen ponds to feed my need to ride a bicycle. It’s getting bad. Enjoy Moab.

25 02 2009
Brian Ogilvie

So if I can kind of hijack the comments, what do you think of the New World Tourist vs. the Tikit? I’m considering one or the other for an extended summer trip (flying plus several long train journeys), and I’m wondering whether the additional packing time required to put the NWT in a travel case would be worth the hassle, in terms of a better ride or more options.

I’d be grateful for any thoughts!

25 02 2009

I think you can make either the Tikit or the NWT tourist work. If you want a bike that is easier to take on a train and great as a commuter/errand running bike get the Tikit. If you want a bike that is more a true touring bike that is no problem on the train, but will take longer to fold than get the NWT.

There is enough overlap between the two that you can’t make a bad choice.

25 02 2009

I have a tikit and a mountain bike with 2″ tires. I rode 50 km a few weeks ago from Brisbane (in Stralia) to a nearby town on my mountain bike. Most of the trip was on sidewalk/roads. However there was a stretch where the road was being repaired and the surface was slightly corrugated hard packed dirt and areas with some gravel lightly spread over the hard dirt. It made me realise the tikit’s thin wheels would not have handled that part of the trip well. A NWT, or even a pocket Llama (which can take up to 2″ tires) would have handled that part a lot easier. So if you think you may be travelling reasonable distances on rougher roads, I would reccommend a NWT or LLama as you can put fatter tires on them than the tikit. I am speccing a pocket Llama for myself to buy now. That will give me two normal mountain bikes, a tikit and a LLama 🙂

25 02 2009

The NWT and Tikit can take the same size tires ~40mm wide which will be fine for most surfaces. The Pocket Llama can take 50mm wide tires.

25 02 2009


I’ve got a quick question regarding your acquisition of the NWT while you visited the factory in Eugene.

What was the story with you taking the bike back to Canada?

Did they hit you with duty and PST and such when you returned?

My folks are visiting Eugene in a couple of weeks and I’ve been thinking about asking them to bring back a Tikit back across the border to B.C. where they live.

I live in Taiwan, and while there are BF dealers here, a ‘Just the Tikit’ is almost 2000 USD through my local BF distributor.

Do you know anything about cross-border bike shopping?

Thanks in advance.

26 02 2009

Good to know the tikit can take larger tires. I was a bit concerned about that, but hadn’t gotten around to asking yet. Based on Vik’s experiences and the more I read the Tikit is looking better and better. Once I get the $$$ lined up I will start harassing BF about the options I want. (generator hub being a top priority)


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