Tikiteer Wear

24 02 2009
Dressed for a cool drizzly day on the Tikit...

Dressed for a cool drizzly day on the Tikit...

Here is what I’d typically wear for urban riding.  It was cool in the AM with a light rain.

  • Helmet: I generally don’t wear a helmet for casual city riding.  You can’t see it, but I had a baseball hat on.  If it’s chilly I’ll ride in a toque.
  • Torso: A lightweight wicking T-shirt keeps me dry.  You can get them in more stylish versions so you don’t look like you just left a 10K race.  On top I wore a light soft shell which blocks the wind, sheds snow and light rain while allowing lots of moisture to get out – key for hard biking efforts.
  • Legs: I wear wicking boxers day to day so I always have them on. I love capris because they adapt to a wide range of temperatures and look more classy than shorts if your plans change and you have to look respectable.
  • Feet: Light-weight running socks inside some trail runners.
  • Hands: nothing.
  • Face: Just sunglasses.
  • Luggage: Messenger bag – the trendy way to carry your junk.



5 responses

24 02 2009

More info on the jacket and capris please.

24 02 2009


The jacket is one of my favourite pieces from http://www.mec.ca


Just a basic uninsulated soft shell made of Schoeller fabric…stretchy, abrasion resistant…wind & water resistant.

The capris in the photo are some nice soft shell pants from Chrome:


I also really like the climbing capris from Sickle and own 3-4 pairs:


24 02 2009

Dude, you’re in Moab. Stop blogging already. but damn, you are one stylish mo-fo.

24 02 2009

Still mulling over getting a tikit…but do I HAVE to wear those clothes ;>) FWIW I usually wear whatever I have on to ride. Anything from jeans and sweat shirt to a worsted wool dress suit.


24 02 2009


You can wear whatever you wear on other bikes when you ride a Tikit, unless you insist on being a fashionista like Vik. 🙂

That being said, the outfit Vik described above sounds good for any urban bike adventure.


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