Optical Illusion

22 02 2009
Bike Magazine Dec 2004

Image: Bike Magazine Dec 2004

I hate those 3-D optical illusion puzzles that people have.  You know the ones where you are supposed to stare at a jumble of weird colours for an hour and try not to focus so you see a flying dragon in 3-D…lame!  Well I just found a bike related optical illusion puzzle in an old issue of Bike Magazine. There is supposed to be a bike in the image above.  I’ve tried staring at it…looking at it with my peripheral vision..blurring my focus…everything and so far I haven’t seen a bicycle.

I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t some kind of practical joke so if anyone sees a bike let me know….I’ll keep trying!



6 responses

22 02 2009

dude, aren’t you old enough to be her dad?

22 02 2009

Ok, I retract that last pointless comment. And I agree with your general sentiment. Cant wait for weather that allows women dressed like that to ride bikes

22 02 2009

So what he may be “old enough to be her dad”? So am I, and teach kids not much younger. Doesn’t make her any less yummy; all humans have some level of sexual beauty, and youth is beautiful. We can recognize that and still stay far from violating it.

22 02 2009

Well I have no idea how old she is so I couldn’t say. Assuming she is 18yrs+ old I’m hardly going to feel guilty about anything. It’s not like I was peeping at her while she changed at the gym!!!

23 02 2009

Well, it seems the conversation has been hijacked away from an otherwise extremely funny joke. Vik, I couldn’t get my phone to load the pic beyond the top third. So I just now got it when it fully loaded. And it made me laugh out loud at the coffee shop sitting here by myself. Disregard, the awkward conversation above and relish in your ability to make others laugh.

23 02 2009
Otto Van De Steene

It indeed is a practical joke. But it works. Don’t you think that this is one point more to Raleigh?

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