Santa Cruz Nomad

21 02 2009

2009 SC Nomad

2009 SC Nomad

Not one to hold back when times call for action I followed through on my Lazy Stimulus promise and reinvested the proceeds from my Challenge Fujin SL into a new bike.  The Santa Cruz Nomad has been one of my dream bikes for years, but I just couldn’t bring myself to feel worthy of such a fine bike and spend the $$$.  Well I’m turning 40, going on a 4 week MTB trip and have some $$$ from a selling a bike so I figured there was never going to be a better time.  Getting a smoking deal from Bow Cycle and Kurt buying his own Nomad didn’t hurt either!….=-)

My Nomad is spec’d as pictured above with:

I used to own a Santa Cruz Heckler until it was stolen…=-(….so it feels nice to return to the Santa Cruz family…=-)



6 responses

21 02 2009

I have the previous generation nomad and absolutely love it… After riding my dummy or lht for a while, I really surprise myself when I go for a nice mountain ride on the Nomad. It blows my mind how fast I can go downhill.

21 02 2009

Here’s mine in Downiville, CA.

What color did you get?

21 02 2009

21 02 2009

Hi Mike….I got a white Nomad like the image in my post. Your bike is nice…=-)

21 02 2009

Vik, somewhere along the way i missed your website redux, but it’s fantastic. Looks great!

I was discussing my LHT today with someone and failed to remember where I fetched the Nitto Randos, but now I’m thinking it was from you. Thanks, I love ’em. Keep rolling with this excellent site.

22 02 2009

What another toy Vik? Boy, I have a lot of catching up to do!!! Happy bday brother.

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