Titec H-Bars on Pugsley & Big Dummy

19 02 2009
Titec H Bar

Titec H Bar

I’ve had Titec H-bars on my Surly Big Dummy since last spring and used them on my Pugsley for a a couple months.  On the Big Dummy they are pretty much ideal.  They give you a wide hand position to control heavy loads as well as a few other options to give you the ability to switch things up on longer rides.  The stretched out “aero” position is nice for long road rides or tours.  I think I’d like some of Jeff Jones new variants on the H-bar even better, but I can’t quite allow myself to spend $500-$600 on a set of handle bars.  I do hope some of these designs get licensed by Titec and we see $100 aluminum versions someday soon.

Pugnacious H Bars

Pugnacious H Bars

I’m not as sold on the H-bars for the Pugsley.  On one hand if you are cruising, touring or generally riding around on non-technical trails these bars are excellent.  However, as I ride more technical mountain bikey trails I’m not as fond of them.  I think a standard MTB riser bar you give me more control and let me throw the bike around better.  This is mostly due to the fact that with my Alfine shifter and Avid brake levers I can’t brake effectively from the far outside of the bars [cross bar forces you to mount the brake lever well ahead of the grips and shifter] so I end up moving my hands inboard to reach the brakes reducing my comfort and leverage. Jeff Jones doesn’t recommend Ergon Grips on these bars and in fact I don’t think he’d be stoked about my setup at all so perhaps that’s the issue not the bars themselves.  Having said that I love the Ergon Grips and Alfine so my options are limited.  I’m not quite at the point where I care enough to actually swap in some riser bars to confirm my theory, but I might get around to it this summer.  One way to make my H-bars work better on the Pugsley is to get the brake levers closer to the grips.  The Avid v-brake levers on there now are non-adjustable.  I’ve got some Shimano SLX hyraulic disc brakes waiting to get installed. They have an easy reach adjustment so I’ll be able to dial things in a bit.  The riser bars will give me more control, but at the expense of all those comfy hand positions so it’s not a clear cut decision.



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19 02 2009

I have just put a set of H bars on my own pug and I really love them. I use Ergon grips but I also have derailleurs and the shimano deore dual control levers. I am not a great technical rider but I find that I get much more control with the H bars than I got with the flat bar or the riser bar that I had on there previously.
I still have to sort out where I want to put bar tape but I use the end position 95% of the time anyway.
Also, the H bars work really well for supporting my pogies.

19 02 2009
Scott Atchley

Thanks for the reviews – I’m building up a karate monkey & also thinking about a future Pug build w/ intentions to ride mostly off-road. I’ll probably go flat bar for the KM w/ bar-ends & a riser for the future Pug. BTW, I love those OMM racks on the Pug – esp. the front – should be a mandatory part of the build, imo!

Ciao, Scott in NM

19 02 2009

I’ll preface this by saying I don’t ride off-road, except with my Pugsley in the snow. So I don’t have any experience on technical stuff. The first year I had my Pug I had a flat bar with Ergon Grips. I switched to the Titec H-bar when it became available. I find I have much more control with the H-bar (no Ergon Grips). Specially in loose or soft snow when the front end becomes more unpredictable and squirrely. The wider stance and angle of the bar at the ends provides maximum control in my opinion.

19 02 2009

Doug I agree that you get great control from the H-bar when your hands are at the ends. The problem I have is I can’t reach the brakes from this position so it’s useless in technical terrain where I need to control my speed and steer.

19 02 2009

17 degree sweep salsa bars, then 2 pairs of bar ends – one foreword, one back with clamps down. Gives the best of both worlds and no issues with mounting stuff.

19 02 2009

I lost my mind and did Jones’ Loop bar. Should be powdercoated and installed by March 6th. Thanks for the review bout the H-bar on your Dummy, Vik.

20 02 2009

This question is related not so much to the pugsley, but I just ordered up a Big Dummy frame this afternoon, and now I’m working on putting together the build kit. I see that in a few of the pictures of your dummy, you’ve got only one chainring. Do you tour with just one ring up front? How has that worked out? It’d be nice to save the small weight and the cost of a triple and a deraileur, but I’m a bit skeptical of being able to climb and descend well enough with just one ring…

21 02 2009

Ed – my Big Dummy has a Rohloff hub in the back so it’s about the same as a standard MTB 3 x 9 gear systems.

23 02 2009

I am definitely digging the Titec H w/ my pug. I have regular round grips and shimano 965(?) dual-control brake/shifters. I can reach the lever plenty fine to shift/brake w/o letting go of the grip any more than I need to. I do find that in the nastiest snow, which has been my main ‘technical’ arena, I am not shifting anyway, nor even braking much, momentum (loss of…) and cadence do more of all that for me.

If I do pull the trigger on 29er rims and find myself more in regular woods than whatever kind of boggy (sand/slush/snow) flatlands, that might change.

16 03 2011

I am guessing that is an alfine 8 since this was posted in 2009.. How is that hub holding up? I also notice you/gf have some rohloffs, nice. Do you think you are going to try the alfine 11? thanks

17 03 2011

@DJhawk – Alfine is doing great after much abuse. I have an Alfine 11 on my desk, but I need to decide which bike to use it on and then get a wheel built.

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