Two Thumbs Up for Turner Bikes

18 02 2009
Turner RFX All Mountain

Turner RFX All Mountain

Found on

“Recently I have been asked if Turner Bikes are warranted if they are purchased on E Bay or from ‘unauthorized’ dealers. Obviously these riders do not know much about Turner Bikes customer service and I would appreciate ya’ll sharing this info.

Of course we will warrant a frame bought anywhere from anyone as long as it is within the warranty period.Save your receipt. Our warranty is also transferable with a used frame, all the second buyer has to do is obtain the original sales receipt for that frame from the original purchaser, warranty transferred.

We of course offer a $500 trade in on any age Turner Bike in any condition to anyone that has it regardless of having a receipt. If it is a genuine Turner, it will get genuine service of one kind or another.

Our commitment is to the owner of a Turner frame and keeping them on the trail as cost effectively as possible.

David Turner”

I have never owned a Turner, but this attitude has just generated a great deal of good will towards the brand and when I’m in the market for a new bike I’ll give them extra special consideration.  Nicely done Turner…=-)



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18 02 2009

How did you mount the OMM Cold Springs racks to your Pug? Where did you get the hardware for it?

18 02 2009

You should be able to see all the details here:

Pug first ride

I mounted the racks to the braze-ons on the frame using the normal mounts just turned around. I used a few washers to move the rack slightly side to side, but that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

Let me know if the Flickr photos are not clear enough.

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