The Lazy Stimulus Plan

16 02 2009
Together we can make a difference!

Together we can make a difference!

Times are tough – no doubt!  What does a patriotic bicycle loving citizen do at a moment of crisis like this?  Does he stockpile his resources and watch others drown?  Does she sit on a mattress stuffed with greenbacks and let others do the hard work of turning things around?  I say no – hell no!

Let’s band together and save the bike industry in particular while helping the economy in general.  Go out right now and buy a sweet high end bike – the dream bike you’ve always wanted.  Try and buy it from a US/Canadian company like Bike Friday or Santa Cruz or Rocky Mountain or De Kerf…buy it through your LBS so they get a cut.  Then ride your new bike with pride.  You’ve walked the walk – not talked the talk.

We can choose to fall alone or unite and conquer this latest challenge arm in arm.  Pumps raised high in defiance – tire levers brandished with pride – cranks spinning at a steady 90rpm.

And when the smoke settles…the world is back on track…the cowardly will come out with their bags of money and sheepishly join the party.  But, word will spread how cyclists put fear aside and did their part.  Mothers will tell their kids…”…ride a bike my child…I want you to grow up and make me proud.”

When our society is tested let’s show ’em that cyclists aren’t taking up room on the road – we’re leading the way.

Pedal power baby!  That’s how we roll…=-)



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16 02 2009

That’s right baby! Although I’m feeling guilty hoovering parts off ebay and from online parts dealers for the next ride. But we are still steering family biz to all 3 LBSs on our half of town so it’s not so bad…

16 02 2009

Right there with ya, Vik. Looking at yet another bike myself. Though its far from a big ticket item.

Been looking to get a fixie for awhile now, just ‘cuz. Probably going to pull the trigger and get one from Republic Bike in a month or two.

(hope I remember my HTML on that one)

16 02 2009

I’ve done my share. I’ve bought 4 frames and tons of parts in the last 6 months. 3 from one of my favorite LBSs. The fourth was a BD from xtracycle. Wheels were hand built by a local builder.
IF I can sell some bikes this spring to make some room and raise some cash, then a custom frame from a US builder is next on the list.

16 02 2009

Hey Vik,

I am doing my part for the bicycle economy. I am proping up Greyhound and the NAHMBS. I will probably only be able to afford a few t-shirts but I will be lusting after some nice NA steel? 🙂


18 02 2009

Great post! If there was ever a time in which we could strongly influence what kind of stores are in our nieghborhood’s, these day’s are it. Here’s to LBS’s, independant frame builder’s and of course our local brewery’s………………Cheer’s!

21 02 2009
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