MSRP Drop for Big Dummy Complete

15 02 2009
A Big Dummy complete is now $2450

A Big Dummy complete is now $2450

The Surly Blog reports that the MSRP for a Big Dummy complete bike is now $2450 down from $2700.



3 responses

15 02 2009
Jason J

I bought one less than two weeks before this… Think there’s any chance they’ll be sympathetic towards me?

16 02 2009

You can certainly ask. The problem may be that the LBS you got your BD from bought it at the old price so they may not be able to sell it for less margins on bikes are slim.

If you are a good customer and have a long relationship with the LBS they may help you out to keep you happy. If they don’t know you from Adam or you bought online I think you are unlikely to have any luck.

11 07 2010

… one could missed something…

A cargo bike revolution from Europe (Poland) – Extraweel !
One model fits all – any weel size including 20” bikes, Full suspended bikes, Recumbents.
How it rides –
Fixing to the bike ––FftCs

more videos at YouTube –

Big fan of your Blog.

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