How to get your lady to ride with you…

13 02 2009
Anna rocking her LHT

Anna rocking her LHT

I posted an article on my Bow Cycle Blog that may be worth a read if you are interested in having your non-cycling significant other ride bikes with you.



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13 02 2009

Re: Picking a Sporty Lady

When examining ladies for sportiness check for the obvious signs of sportiness but also make sure you check her bike. You can tell a lot about a lady by her bike. If her bike looks satisfactory then make your move. Challenge her to an early season 100 mile per day ride and overnight stealth camping with no running water. If she survives that then take her on a bigger ride with a lower budget. If she is a real Sporty Lady she will be madly in love with you in no time.

13 02 2009

Based on those criteria I would never have dated anyone!

27 07 2009

Hmmm, she rides a men’s bike?

4 08 2009

Bikes are in fact unisex. As long as they fit the bike and the rider don’t really care what sex each other are.

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