New Tikit Dropouts

30 01 2009
Walter @ BF

Photo: Walter @ BF

Walter just posted some info on his blog about new dropouts Bike Friday has developed for the Tikit.  The upshot is that one frame can be adapted from a derailleur setup to an IGH Nexus 8 to a Rohloff to a fixed gear…not to mention that you can run disc brakes if you like in some of these configurations…sweet!



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30 01 2009

Hmmm… interesting.

So, i know your feelings for IG hubs, what ’bout disc brakes on Tikit? Not something I’d thought of before, but certainly seems a bit… overkill. Well, maybe for someplace constantly wet like Seattle/Portland.

30 01 2009

Well I think the v-brakes provide more than adequate braking in all conditions I’ve used my Tikit in – which ranges from dry summer riding to full on winter rides. Having said that the small rims on a Tikit will wear out much faster than a larger 700c rim so from that perspective it might be worth it. If you had issues with ice building up on your v-brakes a set of discs would be useful – that hasn’t happened to me on my Tikit, but some places yo-yo back and forth around freezing.

If I was getting a new Tikit I might spec disc brakes just ’cause they’d look cool on a 16″ wheel…lol….yeah I can be a fashion victim!

31 01 2009

I am wondering about the Shimano Roller brakes I have these on my Redline R530 They completely enclosed from the weather and work well in all road conditions. There are several versions available but aren’t shown on the Shimano US website 😦 (boo hiss on Shimano!)

I have always respected and admired Bike Friday for listening to their owners and constantly improving and upgrading their products.


1 02 2009


I agree disc brakes are cool, but they can be problematic on a folder. I have Avids on my PBW, and it is easy for them to get a little out of adjustment after many folds. Also, the discs have to be removed every time I suitcase the bike. I’d be interested if the tikit goes disc, and if the implementation is truly worth it. It might be too easy for the discs to get dinged while folding / unfolding. An alfine equipped tikit would be nice. I love the alfine on the commuter I just got (though no long rides yet due to the wintry weather)

11 06 2009

Ive had my Alfine/disk brake Tikit for almost two months now. No problems folding or unfolding, the discs are well out of the way, The bike goes into a suitcase fine without removing the rotors, all I have to do is wrap them in cardboard for protection.
I have found the disc brakes nice for touring in mountainous areas like Sumatra, where the steep descents and muddy road conditions would have probably worn into my rims had I used V brakes.
I am very happy with this setup.

21 02 2012
Cebu Vintage Bicycle Club™

These are work of art. Great post (=^;^=)

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