Surly Pugsley Review

27 01 2009
I love those tires...

I love those tires...

I posted a review of my Surly Pugsley over on my Bowcycle Blog.



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28 01 2009

Thanks for the review Vik. Pugsley is such a beautiful beast. I’m torn on building one up or going for a full suspension MTB. I live in SoCal so the Pugs would be great for riding on the beach, and maybe a second set of wheels with standard MTB sized slicks for riding around town. How would it really handle riding the trails with my buddies on their full suspension rigs? I’m not into taking big jumps or being a super aggressive rider, but definitely love to mix it up in the dirt when I can.

28 01 2009

Hey Adam,

Think of the Pugsley with Endomorphs like a FS bike with 2″ of travel. You are not going to stay on the wheel of a modern FS bike [even XC bikes now sport 4″-5″ of travel].

If you go the 29er route you’d be even at more of a disadvantage since your bike would be rigid.

This is not to say you couldn’t ride with some buddies on FS bikes – just don’t expect to match them pedal stroke for pedal stroke. When I ride with my friends I do a lot of waiting and they are on similar bikes. Some groups are cool with that some aren’t. The good news is if you hit a long sandy section of trail you’ll be the one waiting on them!…=-)

29 01 2009

Hey Vik. Thanks for the review of Pugs. What is the crank arm length on your Pugs?

29 01 2009

175mm – that’s what I normally run. I’m trying some 170mm cranks on my NWT. So far I can’t really tell the difference.

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