Lazy Rando Command Centre Video Tour

25 01 2009

I’ve had a number of requests asking for some details about how I store/live with 8 bikes in a small downtown apartment.  This video is your answer!  I make no claims about being a video master so keep your expectations low and you won’t be dissapointed….=-)



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25 01 2009

The less the space, the smarter the guy!

Waiting for your feelings about the Dahon Mu P8, it is on my short list. 🙂

25 01 2009

All I can say is, my wife would kill me! I have three bike: road (Lemond Croix de Fer), fixed (Kona Paddy Wagon) and city singlespeed (Urbane touring frame). I don’t know how I’ll convince her I need the Kona Ute or Surly Pugsley.

25 01 2009

Hehe – here was the hallway of bikes in one of the houses I lived in (everyone owned at least one bike, plus there were a few unicycles too):

And this absolute catastrophe was the loungeroom of my 1br apartment – 8 bikes, one unicycle, what appears to be a random wheel… (as well as ski gear climbing gear etc). It wasn’t always that bad, but 4 of the bikes were mine… so it often was.

25 01 2009

Hi Vik,

Have you considered swapping rear triangles between your tikits? This would be hopeful if your tikits are both of the same generation (no overlap bolt on the old one….)

I have to admit I have two tikits now and no guilt. I have yet to ride my new One Way. Want a picture?



25 01 2009

James here are my suggestions in order of priority:

1. negotiate with your wife and offer her something she likes that you don’t “get”

2. be super nice to her for a week then beg like a dog!

3. just buy another bike and pretend you’ve had it all along. If you get caught try combining strategies 1 and 2 above…=-)

25 01 2009


I have thought about that, but I’m lazy and that’s lots of work – plus both bikes are working really well so I’m hesitant to mess with success…and to be honest although I do prefer the Nexus 8 my standard Tikit’s drivetrain works just fine so I can’t really justify the change.

At some point in the future when I get another Tikit for me it will have an IGH.

…and yes I’d love pics of your bikes…=-)

25 01 2009
Spencer B

Liked you video tour.

Made me reminiscent of my old, one bedroom apartment. Back then I only had three bikes (FS Mtn Bike, road and old HT mtn bike) and would use the davinici racks liberally. I always tried to keep my road bike, which I dubbed “new hottness” out front and would refer to it as my fancy wall art. I also had all of my gear totes for camping, mountaineering, climbing, etc. gear and it got so that to get to one item I would have to dig out three or four other items.

When I got married, my wife luckily had 4 bikes, and thus she could never give me grief about having too many. Now she is upto 5 and I am at 8, so we bought a house and built a garage to store them all in. It still seems pretty cramped, but at least our living area is pretty clear.

Now with the addition of our daughter, there are a ton of new gear opportunities. Her first purchase was Charriot side-car which I am still tring to figure out which bike to put it on. At least I have a couple of months until better weather and the hole in her skull grows closed so I can take her out. At that point, well either add a big dummy or bakfeit, depending upon the wife’s choice.

Cheers from Portland

25 01 2009

…Spencer my idea house would be a heated 6 car garage with a toilet and small kitchen…room for all my toys…no cars would see the inside of it though…=-)

25 01 2009

That’s awesome. I recently kicked our cars out of my garage to park all my bikes and have my workshop…

In my garage there is:
big dummy
Long haul trucker
Santa Cruz Superlight
Santa Cruz Nomad
Jamis Aurora
wife’s Iron horse hard tail
charriot carrier
Specialized hot rock (daughter;s)
no name kid’s bike.

25 01 2009


I got my wife to watch the tour, and pointed out that my bike menagerie lives in the unfinished basement, except for the Tikit, which stays in the living room so it is handy.

She was unimpressed.

25 01 2009
Brian Martin

Hey Vik,

I guess living here in the east where we don’t get not stinking Chinooks we need to keep our vehicles in our garages. Three don’t go down though, the tandem (of which I see you don’t have yet! 🙂 ) the cruzing bike with the schwalbe winter tires and big fenders for the slush and lastly the Schwinn MTB for the drier winter days. The rest go in the basement to make room for the van, one road bike, one trike, two bents two mtbs two trailers (ooops one is hangin in garage) and lastly my wife’s Fusion. Well no more bicycles for me this year, but I am going to NAHMBS for the opening day at least. So I will get my fix for leather and steel for this year.

PS I did not see your RANS Crank Forward is it gone with the bents?
PPS not all my bikes. 🙂

26 01 2009

Those of you with bikes in the garage, I hope you have a good security system. My brother had a titanium bike lifted from his. However, he rides triathalon, is an investment banker, so sympathy is hard to locate.

26 01 2009

Megan…I can sympathize with your first photo and the second photo makes me feel much better!…LMAO

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