Walter on Fixed Bike Fridays

19 01 2009

Walter Lapchynski @ Bike Friday

Photo: Walter Lapchynski @ Bike Friday

Sticking with Walter @ Bike Friday for a moment – he has an interesting post on his blog about how to setup a Bike Friday as a fixed gear.  I’ve been intrigued by fixed gear bikes for a while and have even toyed with the idea of adding one to my stable.  I test rode a Surly Steamroller and came away with lots of questions, but no real certainty as far as deciding to get one.  I may see if the fine folks at Bow Cycle will let me borrow a Steamroller for a few weeks so I can try it out and write up a review.  Who knows I may not want to give it back!

A fixed gear folding travel bike makes a lot of sense as you don’t need a rear brake/derailleur or front derailleur which does away with three long cables you’d otherwise have to manage when you fold the bike.  There isn’t much to damage in transit so you can be fairly certain when you get to your destination your bike will be ready to rol.



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19 01 2009
Mark Ellis

I got my Season Tikit yesterday, took it out for short spin. I got the bike delivered throught The Dutch Bike Company in Seattle. I talked to Walter on the phone to get the sizing correct. Following your lead, I have a large Tikit, with the seat adjusted down. The fit is just right. Walter was a great help in getting it done. If you see an all-up flag red tikit in Seattle, it’s me.

19 01 2009

Glad to hear it all worked out, Mark!!

19 01 2009

Check out the One Way Tikit Walter helped me get together. It is my constant commuter and errand companion. It is so easy to live with, I am rarely without it!

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