Bar End Shifter for Nexus/Alfine IGH

17 01 2009
JTEK Engineering

all photos: JTEK Engineering

I’m a fan of the Nexus 8 and Alfine IGHs.  They work well and are relatively inexpensive.  One issue is that up until now your choice of shifter was a twist shifter or a trigger shifter.  I have both and they work well, but for a drop bar bike a bar end shifter is a much nicer solution.

Alan posted on EcoVelo about a new JTEK bar end shifter that is compatible with these IGHs. – sweet!

from JTEK:

“Jtek Bar-end Shifter for 8-speed
Shimano Alfine & Nexus Internal Hubs

  • Super light weight only 64 grams making it the lightest bar-end shifter on the market!
  • 24mm clamp-on design. Easy installation eliminates the need for disassembly to install
  • High quality CNC precision machined parts, 100% made in Hugo, MN.
  • 8-speed indexing

Finally a shifting solution for people who want to use Shimano internal hubs with drop-bar, road bike style handle bars. This shifters is compatible with Shimano 8-speed Alfine & Nexus hubs. It features a clamp-on mounting design which will fit standard diameter 24mm handle bars.”

jtek_bar-end-3Cost is $80.00 + shipping.  I’ll probably get one of these to try out.  It looks like an elegant solution.

JTEK’s Website.



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26 03 2009
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[…] of gearing I rec’d my JTEK Alfine/Nexus bar end shifter and I have installed it on the NWT.  I’ll post details separately.  It seems to work great, […]

31 03 2009
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[…] removed the Shimano Nexus 8 twistshifter and replaced it with a JTEK bar-end shifter designed for the Nexus8/Alfine IGHs.  It seems like a very well made product and the shifting is precise and positive.  I’ll […]

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